"Bully" Poker Player Loses $759,000 In A Single Session

During a recent poker game, a well-known professional player lost an astonishing $759,000 in a single session. Here's the rundown of how it all played out in the end.

Admittedly, knowing about professional poker is a long shot, but if you do, you might already be familiar with Nik 'Airball' Arcot.

Claiming the title of 'King of LA,' Airball often taunts and insults his opponents by calling them names like 'b**ch' and even threatening to bankrupt them.

Airball had earned roughly $1.1 million from participating in some of the most prominent cash games in the United States, notably on the immensely popular Hustler Casino Live stream, until a short while ago.

Nonetheless, similar to the storyline of a classic villain, his downfall eventually arrived when he lost an enormous sum of $759,200 in a solitary high-stakes game in Southern California.

The majority of Airball's losses can be attributed to only two hands, where he attempted to bluff on both occasions.

Oh my, oh my.

In the world of poker, when a player is in a state of mind that leads to making significant and expensive mistakes, it is commonly referred to as being 'tilted' or 'on tilt'.

The reason behind such behavior can range from frustration to a lack of clarity in thinking, but it typically proves detrimental to a player's performance.

During one particular hand, despite having nothing noteworthy, Airball persisted with bets exceeding $6,000 even though he had already lost a significant portion of his stack.

Subsequently, even after being called, he continued bluffing by placing another $30,000 bet.

Nevertheless, his adversary called, resulting in a total pot of $85,200.

Airball, making a hasty decision, went ahead and placed another bet of $160,000, which was nearly twice the size of the current pot, to challenge his opponent sitting across the table.

Airball said: "I've bluffed all night. I have to have it one time."

This led to the opponent making up his mind, and he eventually called, resulting in him winning the entire pot of $405,200 in the end.

Airball attempted to bluff another opponent by betting $10,000 before the flop, i.e., before the first community cards are dealt. He then proceeded to escalate the bet size, placing bets of $30,000 and $110,000, but ultimately lost the entire pot of $312,000.

Regardless of what one thinks about Airball, he eventually found the humor in the situation and became philosophical about it on Twitter, penning: "Sometimes you're the artist, sometimes you're the punter."

When everything was tallied up, he had incurred a staggering loss of $759,200 in a single gaming session.

His fans were prompt in consoling him as well.

One said: "You're the man Nik - last night was a fluke. Everybody has a bad night."

Another wrote: "Cheer up bro. You will get it back. You deserve to get it back anyway."

A third said: "My man I love your style. Embrace being the enemy! It's clear you're having fun. We all love you brother."