Bugatti's New La Voiture Noire Is Worth A Whopping £14 Million

Bugatti’s New La Voiture Noire Is Worth A Whopping £14 Million

All of Bugatti cars produced today are limited edition sports cars, but continuous the reputation Bugatti maintained before. Among the modern designs, the Chiron, Divo, and Veyron would sound familiar.

Joining the fastest cars on the road is the latest design, the Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

Priced at 14 million British pounds, it will be one of the most expensive cars available. With that said, many will consider that this jewel of a car would be worth its weight in gold.

The Unveiling

bugatti's new la voiture noire is worth a whopping £14 million

The La Voiture Noire's first unveiling took place at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, where Bugatti revealed the inspirations behind its design.

It is a one-of-a-kind supercar that will be a limited edition like most of Bugatti's creations. On top of that, it is also among the first supercars to boast an electric motor.

The model shown at the Geneva Motor Show was only a prototype. But the price mentioned and the design showcased is what people can expect from the actual car.

Bugatti says the La Voiture Noire is a spiritual successor of Jean Bugatti's lost car, the Type 57 SC Atlantic. The 57 SC Atlantic was Jean's personal car that got lost during World War II.

It has been part of an ongoing treasure hunt for many years now. If ever found, it would be worth $100 million. Jean's 57SC Atlantic was the first of only four models ever produced. It went missing shortly after his death in 1939.


Bugatti's latest model unveiled has exquisite reminiscent features that looked like a time-warped modern version of the 57SC Atlantic. By all means, it seemed to be an extremely attractive car.

To date, only one person owns the car as of yet. Some speculated that the football all-star Christiano Ronaldo might be that lucky person. The rumor turned out to be false. However, in all likelihood, he would be the kind of person who could afford the La Voiture Noire.

What To Expect

bugatti's new la voiture noire is worth a whopping £14 million

Following the Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti said that it would take them more than two years to complete production.


However, people can expect that it will replace the Bugatti Divo as the fastest road vehicle on Earth. At least, if fitted with a fuel-driven motor.

While most of the world's motor manufacturers aspire to put Tesla out of business, Bugatti still favors big, overdriven motors. It has an 8.0L Quad Turbocharged W16 motor. This motor is capable of doing a quarter-mile in under ten seconds. As such, the La Voiture will be a force to reckon with on the road.

Although its top speed still has to be announced, some suspect it will be able to produce 1,180 lbs/ft of torque power. However, there might be some delay in this announcement until Bugatti finished the design.

Naturally, as can be expected, the top speed will be limited electronically for the driver's safety. Nonetheless, expect it to be anything close to 420KMh.

Since the La Voiture Noire will only be for private collection, do not expect to see this beast doing a quarter-mile in your neighborhood. Unless, of course, you live in the richest square mile of this planet.


Rich History Of Bugatti

bugatti's new la voiture noire is worth a whopping £14 million

Bugatti's history dates back to the earliest years of the nineteen hundreds. It goes back to when Italian-born Ettore Bugatti established the manufacturer in 1909. Bugatti was born in the then German-occupied French city of Molsheim, Alsace.

While the company enjoyed success at the time, the manufacturer seized production by 1950. By then Bugatti Automobiles already had a reputation for making some of the fastest cars in the world.

Due to the death of both Ettore and his son Jean during WWII, the company struggled financially. It only produced 8,000 cars before being sold off.

In 1987, an Italian entrepreneur bought the brand. He revived its once-prominent name to become the manufacturer we know today.