Budget Prom: How To Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

Budget Prom: How To Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

Graduation is an exciting and touching moment in the life of every high school student. Girls dream of beautiful dresses and hairstyles, boys dream of a slow dance with a classmate and partying until dawn.

Some of the students take their prom so seriously that they prefer having their homework assignments done by the affordable paper writing service Writingapaper to free up some time they can spend planning and preparing for the day.


But this romance costs a lot of money for parents and graduates. On what can you save on such an important day and still not lose the charm?

Thinking about the outfit

Of course, you want to sparkle like a princess in a gorgeous floor-length dress or a couture tuxedo. But the only thing is whether you will wear these outfits after the ball ever again? Very often such outfits are put on once, but cost as much as dad's salary for a month.


Pay attention to pantsuits, which look elegant, and then you can wear them to a family celebration and a wedding of friends. Also, it will help you stand out against the background of the same type of floor-length dresses.

Guys can buy not the whole suit, but assemble it from different elements. This will not only allow you to extend the purchase for a couple of months but also choose the clothes that you will then wear. Let's say, a jacket with jeans and pants with a t-shirt.


The same applies to shoes. Ultra-fashionable sandals with high heels will not be worn as often as, let's say, loafers or classic sandals. So look first of all at applicability, comfort, and practicality.

Start preparing for the holiday in advance

You can't cover everything at the last minute, so it's worth looking in advance for stores where you can buy outfits, accessories, and shoes cheaper. Do not buy dresses or suits in online stores, if you can not try them on and look at the product - you may get the wrong thing for a lot of money.


Learn how to do makeup and hair

There's a big makeup bag at home that you probably don't use even half of. It's a good time to think about what you might need for a cool evening look. Makeup artists will charge a lot for a special event makeup, and the results don't always make the customer happy. There are so many cases where makeup has aged a graduate's young face and made her look unrecognizable.


A couple of months before your date, study a couple of tutorial videos of the makeup you like and practice. You'll save at least a few hundred.

Remember: prom is almost always warm and sunny, you will have to dance a lot, it will be hot. Avoid heavy foundations, greasy pencils, and eyeliners, unstable mascara, so that during the holiday you will not turn into the Joker.

The most natural hairstyles are trendy now. Make your hair in light waves, make a high, careless bundle and decorate it with a beautiful hairpin. Highlight a couple of hair strands with color.


But guys should not skimp on hair. Find a good barber and let him cut it so that on the appointed date it's easy to handle the styling yourself.

Think about the details

Do you need handmade invitations on fluted paper with gold lettering? And designer ribbons and hall decorations by a professional decorator?

This will create a special atmosphere, but it is very expensive. Consider decorating the hall with fresh flowers from your backyards, if there are any. The balloon arch is also not difficult to make yourself if you buy balloons in bulk. Invitations won't be any worse if you print them on a regular printer or just invite everyone personally.


Music and dancing

It would be cool to hire a professional DJ for the prom - you wouldn't have to be distracted by rearranging the music. But what prevents you from making a selection of popular hits and enjoying them all evening with your classmates?

To accommodate everyone's tastes, have everyone pick a couple of their favorite songs and drop them into the general chat room. The person in charge of the music will put it all together, not forgetting the tastes of parents and teachers, and slow dancing. You will save a very decent amount of money.



The host at the party will help turn a boring meal into an active and interesting evening. And here it is not worth scrimping: a non-professional is worse than the absence itself. And just like you check an essay writing service reddit reviews before trusting your academic papers, make sure to find some customer feedback before signing the contract with the host. It will be a little cheaper if you choose a restaurant with an already thought-out program: karaoke or a hall with a dance floor.


Photography and video recording

A standard photo album is expensive, and you open it only once a year. In the age of Instagram and tic-tac-toe, paper photos are irrelevant. The same goes for video.

Many people order expensive photo albums and videos of the celebration. But the pictures from classmates' smartphones will go straight to social media. And when two weeks later the professional photos will come, emotions will subside, and you will not want to expose them. So is it worth the expense?


Bouquets for teachers

By buying the most luxurious bouquets, we want to make a teacher feel satisfied. But they will not remember who gave what bouquet. Therefore it is possible to choose something decent from a more budgetary segment. An inexpensive flower in an expensive package is a good option.


It is common to celebrate graduation in restaurants. But the price tag there is not always adequate, and many things even need to complement themselves. Pay attention to more budget cafes and even canteens. You can also celebrate the holiday in the countryside. Buy meat for barbecue, drinks, fruits, and vegetables, take rackets, balls and swimsuits - here you have a wonderful and inexpensive holiday. Surely some parents can help with the organization and barbecue.


Of course, you don't have to save money on all of the mentioned above. Just choose a few of them that are not that vital for you and you will still have a great party of the year, while not spending all your money.