Bucket List For Single Women – Pamper Yourself

Bucket List For Single Women – Pamper Yourself

Being single can get boring. You have so much time to yourself. What better way to spend all that time than to pamper and work on yourself? After all, the relationship that you have with yourself is the most important one you will ever have. So spend some time with yourself doing amazing things that make you happy.

You should not be afraid to do things alone. Doing things alone sometimes is good for you. It helps you keep in touch with your inner self, and allows you to do things that you want to do but always put off. Not all of these things need to be done alone either, call up some girlfriends and do part of the bucket list together!


Have fun discovering yourself!

Here are some great ideas to get started on your own bucket list. Be sure to add some more things you want to do and make sure you accomplish them:

1. Take a little time with something light

Run yourself a nice hot bubble bath, light some candles, pour a glass of wine, and spend some time clearing your head. Relax.


2. Do things you think are silly

Don't be so afraid to be silly. Embarrass yourself a little, it's all good fun!

3. Travel to someplace new

Even if it's not far from where you are now, get to experience some new scenery in your life.

4. Book a last-minute flight

Pack a bag, and go anywhere! If you have a few extra bucks, book a round-trip flight to a new city. Adventures are good for the soul.


5. Explore your surroundings

Drive around the city you live in. Stop and look around in different areas. Who knows, maybe you will find parts of your city you've never seen before.

6. Go on a road trip

This one is good for you to get some friends to do it with. Friends and road trips are a perfect mix for a great time! Could be a day trip, or a week-long cross country extravaganza!


7. Go hiking

There's nothing like good old mother nature and her views. Find a beautiful mountain or go to the top of a big hill and watch the sunset. A great way to clear your mind, and you won't regret it.

8. Try some new foods

Try some exotic food or food you have never tried before. Who knows, maybe you will find a new favorite!


9. Go to a concert

Everyone should, at some point in life, experience their favorite musician or band in concert! This is another great activity to do with girlfriends!

10. Go skinny dipping

Why not get wild? You're single and free! Go night swimming with some friends and jump in naked!


11. Party a little

You're single; you should enjoy some partying and going out with the girls! Who knows, maybe this item on the bucket list may be where you meet prince charming!

12. Do something that scares you

Whether it's climbing to a great height, riding a carnival ride, or jumping off a cliff into the water – Do something you're afraid of. The adrenalin rush will be incredible!


13. Go star gazing

Lay in the middle of an open field, or on the top of a hill in the middle of the night, wrapped in the most comfortable blanket; and watch the stars. A great way to clear your mind and think deep thoughts. Plus the view is fantastic!

This is an excellent start to a bucket list for single women, feel free to add more of your own ideas to the list. Have a great time making amazing memories!