Bryce Laspisa: Chilling Disappearance Of A Teenager In California In 2013

Bryce Laspisa: Chilling Disappearance In California In 2013

Bryce Laspisa was an average child, is what you would hear from anyone who knew him. He was talented and charismatic, the only child to Michael and Karen Laspisa, born and brought up in Illinois.

Since he was the only child of his parents, the three of them were closely knit. However, fate had other plans, and Bryce Laspisa's life soon took a harsh and extreme twist. Today, instead of having the opportunity of celebrating their son's achievements in school, Bryce's parents are stuck with one very question in their mind: "What happened to our son?"

Who Is Bryce Laspisa?

Bryce Laspisa: Chilling Disappearance Of A Teenager In California In 2013

Bryce Laspisa, the only son of Michael and Karen Laspisa, finished high school in 2012, and the family shifted from Illinois to California. Bryce seemed to adjust his life in California smoothly. He was pursuing his degree in graphic and industrial design at Sierra College in Rocklin.

The teen was a sharp student in school, and although he was inexperienced, he had made quite the portfolio of his work. He was incredibly charming, cheerful, and friendly, and that always comforted the people around him.

Bryce Laspisa: Chilling Disappearance In California In 2013

Bryce Laspisa had several friends in college and had already befriended a girlfriend named Kim Sly. Bryce went to his parents in Laguna Niguel by the end of his school year, about 465 miles south of Sierra College. He was indeed a parents' boy.

Bryce took an English class at a local college, and during his fall semester, he pursued a course for his speech, and alongside, he had a web design class to attend. On the night of August 26, 2013, Bryce rang his mother up to tell her how much he loved them.

Bryce Laspisa was excited about his new semester, and nothing seemed suspicious. According to Karen, he sounded pretty natural. But the ones who saw him regularly in college found him constantly worried. They felt like he wasn't behaving as usual ever since he returned from Rocklin and had developed an unstable attitude.

The Disappearance Of Bryce Laspisa

Bryce Laspisa And His Scary Disappearance In 2013

On August 27, 2013, Bryce Laspisa broke up with Kim Sly, his girlfriend, saying that she would be better off without him over text. She had noticed him being unusual that night. Bryce also gave away all his personal belongings to friends, even his diamond earrings gifted by his mother and his gaming console.

That night at 11 pm, he called his mother from Kim's apartment in Chico. Bryce then went to Kim's place, about a 90-mile drive to assure her that he was fine. But Kim was suspicious about his behavior, and so, she took away his car keys and begged him to stay the night at her place and get some sleep before he drove home.

Bryce Laspisa: Chilling Disappearance In California In 2013

Bryce Laspisa said he wanted to leave and asked for his keys back. But when Kim didn't return his keys, he called his mother to complain about Kim, that she wasn't letting him drive home. After being constantly insisted on by Bryce, Karen spoke with Kim and asked her to give the keys to him.

Kim gave his car keys back, and he left her place around 11:30 pm. Around 1:00 am, Karen received a missed call from Bryce. She thought he had called her to say that he had safely made it home as the call records suggested that he hailed from a desolate area an hour away from his Rocklin apartment. But she believed that he must have driven back to his apartment.

Bryce Laspisa Left A Confusing Voicemail

Bryce Laspisa And His Scary Disappearance In 2013

The following day, Karen received a message from their insurance that roadside help was asked for one of their vehicles earlier. Then, they heard a voicemail from Bryce Laspisa saying that he had used roadside assistance at 9 am since he ran out of gas near Bakersfield. It was a 350-mile trek.

These messages confused Karena and Michael, and they tried calling Bryce to ensure he reached home fine and if he had any car issues during his drive back to his apartment. But everything got blurry and confusing when they learned from Sean that Bryce never returned the previous night.

Karen and Michael kept on trying to reach Bryce, but his calls went unanswered. They then tried calling the repair shop that had offered roadside help to Bryce the night before. Christian, who answered the call, told them that Bryce had reached Buttonwillow Rest Area before running out of gas, and he delivered three gallons of gas to Bryce around 9:30 am.

Bryce Laspisa: Chilling Disappearance In California In 2013

It was more than three hours since the roadside assistance call, and Christian figured that Bryce had already moved towards wherever he was headed. But he was surprised to see Bryce sitting where he left him that morning, and Bryce was surprised to see Christian.

Bryce was even more surprised when Christian handed over his phone to him, saying his mother was on the phone for him. After hearing Bryce's voice, Karen was relieved, but she was still confused about all the occurrences.

But Karen decided to halt the questioning as he was only some miles away from getting home, and she would talk to him nicely once he was there. Karen reminded Bryce to fill up his tank and said they expected to see him around 3 pm.

Bryce Laspisa: Chilling Disappearance In California In 2013

The departure of the interstate was by 1:30 am, so he was going to make it home by 3:25 am. But around 2:09 am Bryce, rang up his parents to say he was tired of driving and wanted to take a break and nap.

Karen and Michael were restless, knowing their son was on the road in the middle of the night, but they managed to get some sleep. But their world turned upside down when the doorbell rang at 8 am, and a California Highway Patrol Officer informed them that his car was found dismantled and abandoned on a load towards Castaic Lake boat ramp.

What Happened To Bryce Laspisa?

Bryce Laspisa: Chilling Disappearance In California In 2013

There have been many theories of Bryce Laspisa's mysterious disappearance. Some believe that he was murdered, while others believe it was a suicide. Either way, his body is nowhere to be found. It has been eight years since the incident, and he is still missing.

No further clues could be found, but Bryce Laspisa's disappearance was a big shock to those close to him. But his parents, Karena, and Michael still print missing posters of their son and remain hopeful that someday, the truth will reveal itself.

Bryce Laspisa: Chilling Disappearance In California In 2013