Bruce Willis's Wife Delivers Sad Update On His Struggle With Dementia

Emma, the wife of Bruce Willis, has shared a devastating update regarding the renowned actor's struggle with dementia. Previously, their daughter Rumer disclosed the news about his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia, also referred to as FTD.

In a recent heartfelt disclosure, Emma, the wife of Hollywood actor Bruce Willis, has opened up about the current state of her husband's ongoing fight against dementia. This update has evoked a sense of sadness and concern among fans and admirers of the legendary actor, who is now deeply invested in his well-being.

At 44 years old, Emma Heming Willis has shared the distressing information that the treatment options for her 68-year-old husband are incredibly 'slim.'

At the start of this year, Bruce's family issued a statement confirming his frontotemporal dementia diagnosis, which followed a previous diagnosis of aphasia.

Emma, a model, and entrepreneur, who married Bruce in 2009, openly acknowledged this reality after watching "Little Empty Boxes," a documentary by Max Lugavere that documents his mother's experience with dementia.

Taking to Instagram to discuss the documentary film "Little Empty Boxes," Emma shared her thoughts: "Max chronicles his mother Kathy's battle with dementia while he educates himself on everything he can do to help her. His love for his mother is powerful."

She continued: "His motivation to find answers from leading health experts is inspiring, and then be so gracious to share that information is a true blessing."

"It would be an absolute disservice if this documentary is not on a screen near us soon."

And added: "Thank you Max for being so brave and vulnerable to share the journey and spotlighting the importance of brain health."

"When you live the world of dementia you know that options are slim. But some won't take that lying down which is how change is made and I got to witness the beauty in that last night."

Emma's comments section swiftly filled with an outpouring of support, including a message from the filmmaker Max Lugavere, who wrote: "You're a warrior, and I'm so proud to be in this fight with you."

Bruce Was Married To Actress Demi Moore From 1987 Till 2002

When they later divorced, they became good friends.

Demi Moore added: "Look forward to seeing it!"

A fan expressed: "Thank you for all your doing to help us understand more of how to deal with a loved one with Dementia."

Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) impacts the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, leading to characteristic symptoms such as alterations in personality, obsessive behavior, and speech difficulties.

In February 2023, Emma Willis and Moore and Willis' five daughters released a statement on The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration's website.

The statement conveyed, "Our family wanted to start by expressing our deepest gratitude for the incredible outpouring of love, support and wonderful stories we have all received since sharing Bruce's original diagnosis."

"In the spirit of that, we wanted to give you an update about our beloved husband, father and friend since we now have a deeper understanding of what he is experiencing."

"Unfortunately, challenges with communication are just one symptom of the disease Bruce faces. While this is painful, it is a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis."

"FTD is a cruel disease that many of us have never heard of and can strike anyone. For people under 60, FTD is the most common form of dementia, and because getting the diagnosis can take years, FTD is likely much more prevalent than we know."

The family expressed that while there is currently no cure for the disease, they hope that the media coverage surrounding Willis' diagnosis will raise awareness about the critical need for enhanced awareness and research.

Previously, Emma Heming Willis released a heartfelt statement earnestly urging the paparazzi to honor the actor's need for 'space' during this challenging period.

In her Instagram video, Emma Heming Willis shared a recent incident where photographers attempted to surround her husband as he stepped outside his residence for a rare coffee gathering with friends in Santa Monica.

"If you are someone who is looking after someone with dementia, you know how difficult and stressful it can be to get someone out into the world and to navigate them safely, even just to get a cup of coffee," she said.

"It's clear that there's still a lot of education that needs to be put forth. So this one is going out to the photographers and video people that are trying to get those exclusives of my husband out and about."

She then made her message clear: "Just keep your space."

She said: "I know this is your job, but maybe just keep your space. Please don't be yelling at my husband, asking how he's doing, whatever."

"The woo-hooing and the yippee-ki-yay's — just don't do it."

"Give him the space. Allow our family or whoever's with him that day to get him from Point A to Point B safely. That's my PSA."