Bruce Willis Diagnosed With Frontotemporal Dementia

The actor Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD), as disclosed by his family.

Common symptoms of FTD include changes in personality, obsessive behavior, and difficulties with speech, as the lobes of the brain behind the forehead are affected.

On The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration's website, Bruce Willis' wife Emma Heming, ex-wife Demi Moore, and their five daughters released a statement expressing their heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming love, support, and heartwarming stories they have received following the announcement of Bruce's diagnosis.

"In the spirit of that, we wanted to give you an update about our beloved husband, father and friend since we now have a deeper understanding of what he is experiencing."

"Since we announced Bruce's diagnosis of aphasia in spring 2022, Bruce's condition has progressed and we now have a more specific diagnosis: frontotemporal dementia (known as FTD)."

"Unfortunately, challenges with communication are just one symptom of the disease Bruce faces. While this is painful, it is a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis."

"FTD is a cruel disease that many of us have never heard of and can strike anyone. For people under 60, FTD is the most common form of dementia, and because getting the diagnosis can take years, FTD is likely much more prevalent than we know."

In addition, the family expressed their hope that although there is no cure for this devastating disease, the attention generated by media coverage of Bruce Willis' illness will raise awareness and support for more research.

The statement continued: "Bruce always believed in using his voice in the world to help others, and to raise awareness about important issues both publicly and privately."

"We know in our hearts that - if he could today - he would want to respond by bringing global attention and a connectedness with those who are also dealing with this debilitating disease and how it impacts so many individuals and their families."

"Ours is just one family with a loved one who suffers from FTD, and we encourage others facing it to seek out the wealth of information and support available through AFD (@theaftd, theaftd.org)."

"And for those of you who have been fortunate enough to not have any personal experience with FTD, we hope that you will take the time to learn about it, and support AFTD's mission in whatever way you can."

Nearly a year after retiring from acting due to a diagnosis of aphasia, Bruce Willis' health has taken another turn, as the recent revelation of his frontotemporal dementia diagnosis has come to light.