Britney Spears Wants Her Father Removed As Sole Conservator Of Her Estate And Finances

Britney Spears Wants Her Father Removed As Sole Conservator Of Her Estate And Finances

Britney Spears' conservator problems have been a hot topic for a while now. The pop star's dad is the sole conservator of her finances and estate and she's not happy.

Now, it has come to light that Britney wants her father removed from the responsibility. She wants Jodi Montgomery, who has been the temporary conservator, to take the position permanently.

This is according to legal documents that state things should change to be more reflective of her current wishes and lifestyle.

These legal documents are part of the singer's ongoing battle to loosen her 12-year conservatorship.

The Conservatorship

After Britney's mental breakdown in 2008, she was placed under a temporary conservatorship and her father was put in charge of her finances and estate.

The conservatorship was changed from temporary to permanent as it was thought Britney was in no state to make important decisions.

However, in recent years, people started suspecting that her caretakers were holding her 'hostage'.

That is why the 'Free Britney' movement came to be.

Britney Wants To Break Free

The pop star was appointed a lawyer by the court and according to paperwork filed by the lawyer, she is opposed to her father having so much control.

'TMZ' reports that Britney wants Jodi to take the role of her conservator. She wants Jodi to be in control permanently.

Samuel Ingham, the 'Stronger' singer's lawyer, has said that the changes are to reflect the changes in her personal life.

Her father had stepped away from his role after health issues and an alleged physical altercation between him and Britney's son.

The alleged altercation between Sean Preston, who was 13 at the time, was made public.

It seems that Britney wants to take this opportunity to make sure her father doesn't take over again. On top of that, many believe that she is getting ready for a serious and intense legal battle with her father.

Britney's lack of a desire to perform seems to be one of the biggest reasons she wants to go the legal route.

She hasn't performed live in almost two years and apparently wants to take a permanent break from performing.

Peaceful Life

Britney has been living relatively peacefully in her Los Angeles mansion in Thousand Oaks.

Her boyfriend Sam Asghari is spending time with her there. According to her son, she might just quit music altogether.

Free Britney Movement

The movement created by Britney's concerned fans became more heated recently. They suspected that footage of the star on social media was old. To them, it felt like someone wanted to fool them to believe that she is okay.

Online petitions and thousands of social media posts are making the rounds in an attempt to help Britney. Fans want the singer to be free from her conservatorship for good.

Meanwhile, Britney's father has called the movement a joke. He says it's nobody's business what is going on in her life.

So far, Britney's court battle hasn't been cheap. She spent more than $1.2 million on legal aid in 2019 alone. Her worried fans are hoping it will pay off in the end.