britney spears topless video instagram post has fans worried she’s been hacked

Fans of famous pop singer Britney Spears are worried that she has lost her Instagram account to a hacker. These rumors started spreading after topless pictures of the celebrity were posted on her Instagram account.

It all started several days ago when she posted a message in which she was cupping her breasts with her hands. All the while, she is standing in front of a tree and looking at the camera.

Britney Spears Topless Video Instagram Post Has Fans Worried She's Been Hacked

Then, after a few days, she shared another photo in the same spot. Like before, in this post, she was also topless.

Her fans were totally excited about the posts, and famous fans like Paris Hilton applauded her.

Since then, the Toxic singer has shared another topless Instagram post, and this time, fans are even more concerned that someone has hacked her account.

These fans think that someone else other than Britney is posting these messages. According to a fan, the messages "feel like these are being posted by someone else."

Another added: "Am I the only one that's getting really concerned by this?"

Someone also speculated that the images were being posted to sabotage her, a sentiment that was echoed by another fan who claimed, "Something is very wrong here."

However, there are those who don't see a problem with these posts. As far as they are concerned, Britney Spears is just expressing herself, which is something she definitely needs considering the suffocating restrictions of her ongoing conservatorship.

Her father, Jamie Spears, has taken charge of her personal and financial affairs for more than 10 years, and she hasn't had a lot of opportunities to live the life she wants.

In fact, according to recent reports, there were allegations that Britney's father, Jamie Spears, used some of her closest allies to watch over her.

Lynne Spears, her mother, however, spoke out in her defense and revealed her reservations towards the way Jamie has been handling Britney's life. She even signed a declaration to show her position.