Britney Spears' Fans Confused After She Shares 11 Naked Photos In An Hour

Britney Spears' Fans Confused After She Shares 11 Naked Photos In An Hour

Britney Spears' fans have been left slightly confused after the pop superstar shared 11 nude images on her Instagram account.

The singer landed in London, and it appears that she started taking nude pictures as soon as she entered her hotel room.

In the first batch, she lies face down and seductively looks at the camera. In other images, she is covering her breasts, while another set shows off her behind. She was not banned since Britney followed the rules and placed a sticker over the intimate areas.


The singer's caption read:

"Waking up in London with my Cabo thong."

Some of the fans were amused, while others were confused. Of course, many were left baffled and worried for Britney.

They took to the comment section, as one person wrote:

"Wtf is going on?"


Another asked:

"Oh boy, it's this kind of day."

A fan wrote:


"Ok… I don't understand."

And another added:

"What is happening?"

Some comments were more creative:


"Start an OnlyFans, Britney, pls. Make some money, lol."

The pop princess recently suggested that she will release new music soon.

Britney became a star as soon as she showed up in 1998 with Baby... One More Time. Despite her turbulent private life, she has been working steadily ever since.

The last album was published in 2016, titled Glory. The newlywed singer's fans are eager to hear more from Britney, as she teased on Instagram with her vocal skills not long ago.