British Escorts: More Popular Than Clubbing For Millennials?


There was once a time when anyone who was anyone would spend every waking minute clubbing if their health and bank balance could have allowed it. A couple of decades ago, clubbing two or three times a week in packed venues until 2 am was less a pastime, more a lifestyle choice for millions.

Today, it's an entirely different story. Several studies have brought to light a growing disdain for traditional clubbing and nightlife among millennials over the past few years. For this demographic in particular, there's apparently little to no love left for clubbing in the traditional sense.


All of which could go some way to explain why the use of British Escorts in key regions across the UK is at an all-time high. When polled, those who prefer the company of local escorts to hundreds of sweaty strangers made clear their intention to distance themselves from the traditional dating scene indefinitely.

But what is it that makes old-school clubbing such an unpleasant idea in the minds of millions of millennials?


Quizzed by the folks at Ennvy - one of the online British escort agencies - those who've walked away from the traditional nightlife scene indicated fairly similar motivations for doing so. A few of which we've outlined below, though the names of those concerned have been changed for obvious reasons:

Alex - 33, London - It's Chaotic and Crap

"I last went clubbing a few years ago and it was god awful from start to finish. The places in town are packed to the point where you can't move, full of drunken a**holes looking for trouble and the kind of women I wouldn't touch with someone else's hands,"


"I honestly don't see what people get out of it - apart from the obvious one-night stands and major hangovers. Why would I spend £100 a time going to a place I hate when I can spend it on a way more enjoyable evening elsewhere?"

"Embarrassed about using escorts? Yeah right - I'd be far more embarrassed about joining in the freak show on a Friday night downtown - what a mess!"


Caleb - 28, Bristol - I Couldn't Afford it if I Wanted to

"I know people who will happily pay £20 or more to get through the doors of a club, only to then be charged £10 or so for every s****y watered-down cocktail. I'd rather flush my money down the toilet - at least I'd know I wasn't being robbed blind,"

"I wouldn't be able to afford this kind of lifestyle if I wanted to, but lucky for me it's the last thing on my list. Fair enough escorts aren't cheap either, but at least I know I'm getting…well, can I say value for money? You know what I mean, I don't need to go into detail,"


"Seriously though, waste your money on vile meat markets all you like - you won't catch me anywhere near them."

Ashley - 29, Manchester

"Why do people automatically assume that just because I'm working as an escort means I'm out til 3 am every day making a show of myself? I hate nightclubs - I absolutely hate them. The bars around here are not much better to be honest, but the clubs…they're basically revolting,"


"Funnily enough, that's one of the few things that's off the cards when I work with clients. I'll go just about anywhere and I'm up for a good time, but find someone else if you want to spend hours in a packed-out nightclub…that's not my thing,"

"I'm far happier spending time in restaurants, cafes and quieter nightspots - thankfully this is usually what my clients are into."


Wayne - 30, Liverpool

"It might not be the same elsewhere but around my area, the only thing dirtier than the nightclub toilets is the people that go there. The only thing you're more or less guaranteed is empty pockets and a fight - why the hell would I bother with any of that?"

"I know there are probably way more posh clubs in other places, but what - £50 to get in and minimum £100 drink spends? Or primate-like bouncers who just want to give you a hard time when you're technically paying their wages?"


"Keep it - I've never, ever been interested in clubbing - I'm just glad we've reached a point where most other people I know around my age feel the same way."