Brit Who Volunteered To Fight In Ukraine Rejected

Brit Who Volunteered To Fight In Ukraine Rejected

Leon Dawson, from Surrey, volunteered to fight in Ukraine. However, he was rejected since he has no military experience or connections to Ukraine.

The 37-year-old volunteer traveled to Poland with a group of friends, despite being denied to fight the war.

The growing number of British citizens wants to help the people of Ukraine defend against Russia's military operations.

Leon, a gym owner, revealed that his offer of help was rejected because he was considered "more of a liability than a help."

Talking to Sky News, Leon revealed that Ukrainian officials told him:

"We don't have the resources to train you, we don't have the time to train you either."

Leon responded:

"I'm not a stupid person. I understand war is way more than just people shooting."

"To be fair, I don't think I would be much help shooting. I haven't used a gun before, I don't know the language, I don't know the tactics. I would be better put to work doing something else."

That's how this brave Briton ended up on the Polish-Ukrainian border, where he helps deliver aid. Yet, he is aware that, if needed, he will pick up the guns himself:

"If they need me to fight then obviously that's something I'm willing to do."

Brit Who Volunteered To Fight In Ukraine Rejected

He added:

"What I'm not going to do is go there and get myself trapped. I don't speak the language, I don't have any of the currency. I don't have anyone to help me."

"To get trapped there would be obviously very, very bad. I'm trying not to let that happen."

When Leon's urge to help came after he went to join the "foreign legion." He explained that he saw the struggles of the Ukrainian people:

"They look like they need help. We're young, strong, fit men - we can help. So, why not?"

Leon contacted the embassy and borrowed the equipment from his Marine friend. He then said:

"I've never been to Ukraine, I don't know anyone who is Ukrainian, I know nothing about Ukraine All I know is that they're being invaded by a bigger, more superior party and they need help."

"Women and children are being bombed and killed. If I'm this scared and apprehensive, what are the people over there going through? They must be absolutely terrified."

Leon is among 20,000 volunteers. He explained that his family was aware of his actions, adding:

"My family are quite upset. Obviously, it is a hard time."