Bring Out The Tissues: 5 Of The Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs

Bring Out The Tissues: 5 Of The Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs

Feeling all the feels?

If you fall under any of the zodiac signs below, you know just what I'm talking about!

Some cry to release pent up emotions, some can't take a joke, and some are super explosive or dramatic in the way they express their sensitivity. There's really nothing wrong with being in touch with your emotions though because it requires strength to handle the ups and downs of life as a sensitive person.

The truth is, some of us are just astrologically predisposed to being super sensitive, whether we display it on the outside or not...

CANCER (June 21- July 22)

The crowning leader of sensitive zodiac signs is Cancer because seriously, who else could beat this watery little crab out of the top spot?

No other water sign or astrology sign for that matter can compete with Cancer when it comes to marathon sulk-fests, nostalgic longing for the past, tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of...hunger? You get the picture.

The tiny but mighty crab loves its home and everything familiar. If they so much as sense that anything within the home is disrupted or even smells like conflict, prepare for this sign to be thrown into an emotional tailspin. They don't do arguments unless things are processed immediately and followed by lots of apologies, love, and affection. If they are left alone to process any emotional turmoil on their own, they are likely to bury deep within their shell to sulk and it will be almost impossible to pry them out again.

Hypersensitive to criticism and feeling attacked, Cancers can hold a hurt for a million years even if they forgave it. Not the best sign to take a joke either, though they probably love to laugh, they'll rarely share a chuckle if they're the butt of the joke. The joke's on you though because they'll probably make you pay for it somehow...

On the positive side, many Cancer individuals are also able to sense the feelings and needs of others, which can make them very caring and nurturing people.

PISCES (Feb 19 – March 20)

These little fish just wanna swim in peace, OKAY?… Is that too much to ask?

Not ones to gravitate towards drama, gossip, or heated arguments, but unfortunately as humans, we can't always avoid negative situations and a Pisces is not immune to this.

Highly intuitive and idealistic, watery Pisces is usually happy to be swimming around in the great big ocean of life. Until they are hit with an emotionally loaded situation or conflict.

As a result of being so deep emotionally, Pisces often need to go within the depths of their souls to process things and usually need to have a good cry to release those pent-up emotions. Their sensitivity is a beautiful thing though because they are some of the most caring, generous, and compassionate individuals.

These are the type of people who help a stranger in need, always give the best advice, or bring food to a sick relative. They have a strong social aspect that makes them in touch with other's emotions and vulnerabilities as well, which helps them as natural caretakers, helpers, therapists, healers, and wonderfully nurturing parents.

This is only to their detriment when they take on caring for others before themselves or see only the good in someone who might try to take advantage of their kindness. Some people might take a Pisces kindness for weakness, but really it's actually a form of strength.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Drumroll please for the last of the water signs known for being the most intensely sensitive sign!

Keyword: Intense!

Scorpios, like Cancer and Pisces, are water signs, but their sensitivity is locked hidden beneath a mysterious aura and impenetrable façade. What are they thinking? They'll never tell. Pry about their feelings and get stung by the scorpion tail.

Scorpio individuals are not ones to wear their heart on their sleeves, and they have a propensity for keeping secrets. So you might meet a Scorpio and never consider them to be sensitive, but don't be fooled, they just don't let their guard down long enough to let anyone inside.

They protect their sensitive marshmallow interior by hiding behind that scorpion shell and a veil of mystery. They hate to be seen as vulnerable, and they protect their sensitivity from anyone and anything they don't trust, and believe me, trust is a hard task for any Scorpio. This sign has an intense sensitivity that only a rare few of those in his/her close circle will witness.

Since they find it so hard to trust others and let them in, they bond deeper than many other signs to those close to them. This explains why they are easily hurt by harsh words, arguments, or painful attacks from those they care about or respect. They will then take revenge, lashing out in a way that hurts their attacker 10 times more. This is just a defense mechanism though, to help them protect their incredibly vulnerable hearts.

LEO (July 23 – Aug 22)

The king of the jungle will roar when it feels ignored, or hide in its cave until the world is a nicer place again.

Leo's might seem like strong capable leaders, and they are, but underneath it all lies a cuddly lion cub waiting for affection and adoration. They love to be loved and while they aren't the most empathetic of the zodiac signs, they are highly sensitive to anything from criticism to rejection, to being ignored, or not receiving admiration that they feel they deserve.

They will sulk in a corner for days and become withdrawn when they have been hurt, or if someone tried to strike at their pride.

A Leo just wants to be adored and possibly even worshipped for the regal lion king or queen that they are. They are also the biggest drama kings/queens, and if that means feigning a full-blown waterworks display to remind you how you hurt them, they're not above it. They can be easily offended by anything that hurts their ego, so tread carefully with these sensitive cats.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Hurt an Aries? Play with fire, and prepare to get burned!

Here's another sign that most people wouldn't consider sensitive. Trailblazing fire sign Aries is highly self-centered and probably the least concerned with other people's feelings. However, one thing that happens when you are the center of the universe and everything revolves around you, is that you get wound up by pretty much anything that challenges you.

Aries loves a challenge and are even known to enjoy conflict (being ruled by the God of War and all), but they have an impulsive, explosive temper if anyone offends or even has a different opinion than them.

They love a challenge, but don't like to be challenged, there's a difference!

In an Aries world, they know best and all the peasants who don't recognize that their ideas/ plans/ opinions are the only valid ones can step left. They are known for having aggressive sensitivity and a mouth with literally no filter, enough to burn down anything in their way.

They have no means of settling down when riled up and will yell and throw a temper tantrum that a toddler would be proud of. The good news is that once they've blown off steam after burning the ground to ashes, they'll pretend the next day like it never happened. They will still hold the grudge to use against you in future situations but move on rather quickly once they are sure they've inflicted enough wrath on you.

Sensitivity can be a blessing rather than a curse!

There's nothing wrong with being sensitive or empathetic, it's when it comes out in selfish, toxic, and unhealthy ways that it can be a problem for those around you. If you are one of the more sensitive zodiac signs mentioned above, it's best to just own your sensitivity, and find healthier outlets of release and expression for all of those uncomfortable emotions.