Bring Back Home Economics Class Because Our Kids Lack Basic Life Skills

There are a lot of complaints that what is being taught in schools is not very practical in the real world. And it's true.

Modern students can unravel complex mathematical problems but still lack the skills to put together a meal or do anything that helps them live as independent human beings.

Sure, parents can pitch in and pick up the slack, teaching their kids skills they do not get at school. But still, the education system can do a better job of preparing these students to survive in the real world.


While schools are perfectly fine, letting kids decide what courses to take and allowing them to handle important career and life decisions, they forget to teach them simple life skills that can greatly impact their daily lives.


In one case, a mathematics professor claimed that many of the students had no idea that they would also have to pay property taxes for as long as they own the after owning a property.

She stepped up and added more material to what she was teaching.

Skills for Life

Nowadays, we have students who can compose a sonnet of Shakespearian caliber but lack the skills to prepare their taxes or handle their basic finances.


In other words, there is a grotesque lack of balance in the education system. Students are graduating without much "real world" knowledge, and it is time society starts to take this seriously.

Teaching home economics can help resolve many of these issues. It might even be called the "Skills for Life" class, and it should be compulsory. With this class, these youngsters can have the knowledge they need to succeed when they start their own independent lives or families.


In general, there is plenty to be learned in such classes. The classes can include cooking, time management, budgeting, and even shopping. Through these classes, the students can learn how to use their strengths better and resolve their weaknesses and get better outcomes from their hard work.

Imagine how nice it would be if your kid would learn to keep their shopping within the appropriate budget? Such kids would also know how to make meals for themselves and others.


Basic economics knowledge should go a long way in helping people become more independent.

After all, after school, these kids have to make important financial decisions that can affect the rest of their lives and those of the families they start.

There is obviously a need for academics, but skills like cooking, sewing, budgeting, time management, and so forth would also go a long way to help these kids have more successful lives.