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Brighten Your Christmas Holiday With These Booze-Filled Christmas Ornaments

Brighten Your Christmas Holiday With These Booze-filled Christmas Ornaments

Christmas, ornaments, and booze are three of the most favorite things for many people.

This holiday season, a thoughtful entrepreneur has blended them into one delightful package to make your Christmas extra special.

The idea came up in England, at the Lakes Distillery. And resulting booze-filled ornaments are now a must-have for many booze-loving Christmas fans.

brighten your christmas holiday with these booze-filled christmas ornaments

Let's go through some reasons the idea is quickly catching on.

1. Yes, They Are Ornaments With Booze

The name is not just a trick; it is an accurate description of what these Christmas decorations are truly like. In fact, you get to decide if you want vodka, gin, or whiskey with your ornaments. You know, just in case you decide to enjoy some bit of your favorite booze in a Christmas-y sort of way. Come on. You know this will happen at some point.

2. You Can Make Your Own, More Cheaply And Conveniently

brighten your christmas holiday with these booze-filled christmas ornaments

For those who like thinking ahead and shopping on a budget, Amazon has fillable ornaments on sale. You can order a 12-pack for a cheap price and fill them with your favorite booze before setting them up on your Christmas tree. This is cheaper and probably more fun for you, DIY fans.

3. Food-Safe

The ornaments, thoughtfully, are not made of glass. That means there will be no risk of shattered glass in your home if they fall off the tree. Whatever falls off the tree can become your Christmas booze-filled ornament treat. So, these ornaments are all about fewer worries and more fun, and who can say no to that?

4. Worth The Money

Each of these ornaments will set you back about $26. And of course, since you will be getting them shipped from England, you'll have to keep your fingers crossed. After all, with the shipping and all, they can get smashed along the way, leaving you with expensive ornaments and no booze. But yes, they are still worth a try.

brighten your christmas holiday with these booze-filled christmas ornaments

Christmas is here, folks. A time to be merry, relax, and enjoy ourselves before the hustles of the new year occupy our every waking moment. That is why I think it is perfectly fine to go crazy and try things you have never tried before.

If you love booze, fortunately, you will not have to look very far for this kind of thrill. With some booze-filled Christmas ornaments hanging around your home, you should have a renewed interest in your beautifully decorated home, that's for sure. My point is simple: give booze-filled Christmas ornaments a try. What's not to love about them?