Bride Will Not Allow 7-Year-Old Nephew With Autism To The Wedding Because He Wore A Spider-Man Costume

bride will not allow 7-year-old nephew with autism to the wedding because he wore a spider-man costume

Weddings are happy events, and this day is special to the couple getting married as well as many close family members. Unfortunately, while trying to have the perfect wedding, a bride denied her seven-year-old autistic nephew a chance to attend her wedding.

The boy insisted on wearing a Spiderman costume to the event, but the bride would not allow it.

The bridezilla had initially chosen the boy to be the ring bearer at her wedding. However, once she learned that he planned to do it while wearing a Spiderman costume, she didn't want him to do it anymore.


The woman took to Reddit to explain her predicament:

"Fast forward to today and my sister calls me. Apparently, Josh has taken to wearing a Spider-Man costume and will not take it off."

It would seem that the nephew had recently gotten obsessed with wearing a Spiderman costume and he was not about to take it off. Not even for his aunt's wedding.

Apparently, for a few weeks, any requests to wear something different got him upset. In consideration of the boy's autism, this would be pretty understandable.


She Thought A Spiderman-clad Ring Bearer Will Ruin The Wedding Photos

Brides are usually very serious about their weddings. After all, if done right, you only get a single chance to do it right.

So, she was not about to settle for having a kid dressed as Spiderman appearing in all her photos:


"I don't care if he wears it during the reception, but I do not want Spider-Man walking down the aisle at my wedding and in all my photos."

For obvious reasons, her sister was not happy with this decision. She was angry, as the bride explained:

"My sister gets indignant, tells me, 'Then you don't want Josh at your wedding' because she cannot get him to wear anything else without a tantrum ensuing,"


However, this bride was not about to roll over and have her entire event 'ruined' by a stubborn juvenile Spiderman:

"I said if she cannot get him into something at least semi-formal, she can make arrangements for him to have a babysitter during the ceremony."

The boy's mother was not happy about this, and she even got to use the word bridezilla in reference to her sister. She also went on to accuse her sister of 'banning' a child with autism from her wedding.


However, as the concerned bride explains, there is nothing of the sort going on:

"I'm not 'banning' him. I'm just insisting he wears normal clothes. She comes back, telling me I was essentially banning him because of his autism."

The groom supports her, but now, her sister and her brother-in-law are saying they might not attend the wedding.

That is what makes this issue so complicated for the woman, which is why she wanted to hear what people have to say about this.


A Number Of People Thought The Lady Was Wrong

According to one commenter, the boy did not deserve this:

"Is it worth the fallout, for like two or three photos? Nobody, not even a child in a funny outfit is going to steal the show. People will all still be looking at the bride."

Another commenter mentioned that a family is a lot more important than such petty issues:


"And, your family are not props. Isn't it better to have all of your beloved family witness your special day rather than picture perfection at all moments? What's more important here?"

As per another commenter, she could miss a great opportunity by alienating part of her family:

"Original Poster has the opportunity to be the cool, chill bride who wants everyone to have a blast at her wedding and instead is going to come off poorly to her family and guests. Having a superhero for your ring bearer will make her wedding far more interesting and memorable for everyone, as well providing an inclusive opportunity for a kid who already gets left out a lot. It's a strategic error."


Another commenter thought that the woman should look at the bigger picture:

"You are the one that has to deal with the fallout from this. This will change your relationship with your sister and her husband. If they don't go to the wedding, word will get around that you 'banned' your autistic nephew."

A Few People Were In Support Of The Lady's Stand

This commenter told her she was allowed to decide what should happen at her wedding:


"It's your wedding, period. If you want a Spider-Man free wedding, you get a Spider-Man free wedding. Also, even if your entire wedding was Spider-Man-themed and Tom Holland was the MC, you could still say no to Spider Child."

Another thought her sister was blowing the whole thing out of proportion:

"She said he wasn't banned from the reception, just the ceremony," a second person added. "So the mom is being all 'my kid comes as Spider-Man as your ring bearer or none of us come at all.' Terrible."


Wanting people to dress a certain way at a wedding is a perfectly reasonable request, at least according to one commenter:

"Wanting the members of your wedding party to be dressed appropriately is an acceptable wish on your part."

Ultimately, the lady is angry at the possibility of having to pay thousands of dollars to a photographer and not get the photos she had expected.

Hopefully, she will have everything figured out before the wedding actually happens. After all, family drama is often part of the deal when you decide to have a big family wedding.