Breeder Is Reengineering French Bulldogs' Faces To Make Them Healthier

Although many of the popular dog breeds today may appear charming and stylish, their creation by humans often results in the animals' suffering. To enhance their appearance, they were bred with abnormal traits that cause them to endure severe health issues. The French bulldog, for example, may seem delightful with its compressed face in Instagram pictures, but the breathing difficulties it encounters due to this characteristic are far from attractive. Fortunately, Chantal van Kruining intends to transform French bulldogs through her breeding venture, Hawbucks.

1. Van Kruining Is A Veterinary Assistant Who's Passionate About Helping Animals

Her passion for French bulldogs led her to establish Hawbucks, where the aim is to breed for the betterment of the breed's health instead of solely for show purposes, with the intention of transforming people's perspectives on the breed.

2. French Bulldogs Can Really Suffer

One of the major health concerns for these dogs is the development of Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS), which causes them to struggle with breathing and overheat, resulting in panting even during brief walks. This syndrome is linked to skull deformities that result in narrow nostrils, and in severe cases, it can lead to the death of the dogs.

3. It's Not All About The Short Muzzle

Van Kruining, as stated on the Hawbucks French bulldogs website, clarifies that the risk of breathing difficulties rises as the muzzle becomes shorter, but this is not the sole factor to consider. It is also crucial for breeders to guarantee that the dogs' trachea and throat cavities are broad enough, their tongues are not excessively long, and their nostrils are unobstructed.

4. Breeders Have Never Really Cared About The Dogs' Health

Most breeders prioritize profit and concentrate on producing aesthetically pleasing Frenchies, rather than guaranteeing their long-term health. However, van Kruining conducted extensive research on the breed's genetics and embarked on a new journey focused on enhancing their well-being.

5. French Bulldogs Should Be Able To Play And Run Without Breathing Difficulties, Hawbucks Says

Their goal is to assist the breed in attaining a more natural athletic ability and to obtain a healthier physical form. "We strive for a French bulldog that is built a little more athletic. A French bulldog how they were meant in the beginning of the development of the breed. A dog that can run and play for several hours without trouble. A Frenchie that does not make a sound when breathing, under any circumstance," van Kruining says.