Breathtaking Places You Can See In Sarasota By Car Only!

Breathtaking Places You Can See In Sarasota By Car Only!

You should travel and do it now that there is time on your hands and energy to spare. It's not all about just traveling but exploring some beautiful sights in a location you don't visit often. There are different transport mediums that you can exploit to get to these beautiful places to enjoy the amazing scenery. However, there exist so many locations that you can only visit by road so you will need a car. Considering traveling as a person under 25 in Florida, you can get a Sarasota Florida car rental service for your travels. The multiple sceneries worldwide await you and your friends, so let's check out some you should consider.

Most Stunning Places To See By Car In Sarasota

Indeed, there are a lot of breathtaking locations in Sarasota, but how many of these views can you get to enjoy when you are stuck right behind the wheel? You will be surprised that we have quite a number of them.

Hence, make haste to keep your map where you can see it and hone on the accelerator as we take our time exploring just how great the view can get. Below are a few of the most stunning locales leading off the road that you can't afford to miss:

1. Florida State Road 789

This is a pretty popular state road along the Florida Gulf Coast. This beautiful route goes from the scenic Bird Key, moving around the gorgeous St. Armands Island in Sarasota Bay and out to the south of Anna Maria Island (Longboat Key), amidst the Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. It's worth it to have a camera tagging along to capture the moments along this route.

The Florida state road is not so quiet, and it will be no surprise to spot motorists and pedestrians going about their daily activities as you find your way down the road. You might even find the St Armands a little cramped as you move down to the Lido beach. One way to make this road trip smoother is getting a sprinter van rental Sarasota; the view can only get delightful when the ride is even better. As you move towards Longboat key, you will be forced to stop in several other spots along this route because you just have to revel in their awesomeness for a minute! Be sure to put this at the top of your list once you have your seatbelt in place.

2. Casey Key Rd., Florida

The calming energy that radiates from the route is sure one you don't want to miss experiencing. Anyone on a road trip in Sarasota must drive along this road at least once. The road is not too much of a broad one. Traffic is pretty soft around here, and you can enjoy a steady and not too rushed ride in a typical Florida van rental.

There are a lot of highlights to look out for in Casey Key, as it has a lot of site attractions, ranging from the popular Nokomis to its stunning broad Casey Key beach. The beach is one site Casey Key is very famous for, and most tourists enjoy spending more of their vacation here when they get the chance. You can also take your time to check the place out after a long, winding journey in your sprinter rental.

Sarasota— Myakka River State Park, State Road 72

The Myakka River State Park is easily one of the largest State Park in Florida State and, of course, another sight-worthy locale. With this one, you might want to close your eyes for a minute and take a deep breath in as it embodies the very core of mother nature.

The park has been standing for a while, and the wonders it contains just keep getting better. This site is a center for fun and athletic adventures with an even greater view of varieties of wildlife. While strapped in a Sarasota car rental or a personal ride, you have all minutes and seconds to enjoy the view of the road leading off it, or you can also check out the park.

The Myakka River State Park also houses the majestic Myakka river, and you can see the ray of sunshine just bouncing off it. The river is one of the best views in Sarasota that you sure don't want to miss.

The Road Trip Can Only Get Better!

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The trip can only get better with the easy-to-drive Sarasota car rentals you can easily get from Sarasota. The asphalt is waiting just for you to ride on it, and you shouldn't it waiting any longer. Sarasota, here we come!


You won't know how beautiful a location is until you visit that region in person, and you should do that. There are places and even views that the pictures you see online won't show you, which leaves you no choice. It is breathtaking to bask in the awesomeness of some locations while you travel freely and safely in your car. If you wonder how to get a car despite being under 25, always consider a Sarasota car rental service. Once you have your car ready, all that will be left is to drive and enjoy the view as you go.