Breaking: Officer Kim Potter To Be Charged In Death Of Daunte Wright, Sources Say

Breaking: Officer Kim Potter To Be Charged In Death Of Daunte Wright, Sources Say

Kim Potter fatally shot 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in Minnesota a number of weeks ago. She is expected to face charges over the deadly shooting.

After the incident, the police officer tendered her resignation.

Along with other officers, Potter had stopped Wright for driving with expired tags. Later, they discovered he had an outstanding warrant over a gross misdemeanor offense.

As an officer was putting Wright in cuffs, he got back into his vehicle. After saying, "Taser! Taser!" Potter shot the young man.

The police released a body camera video that showed officer Potter shooting Wright during the tragic incident.

She resigned from the Brooklyn Center Police Department two days after she shot and killed Wright.

Wright died at the scene, and no other person was hurt during the incident. As soon as people knew about the deadly arrest, they started demanding answers from the authorities.

The Brooklyn County Police Chief at the time, Tim Gannon, said in a statement that he believed that the young man was shot by accident.

According to Gannon, Potter intended to use her taser but used her firearm by mistake. The police chief also resigned over the incident.

The killing of the black man resulted in protests, and the police chief's statement resulted in some unrest and looting at night.

According to sources, the attorney's office in Washington County would like to charge Potter over Wright's death.

The medical examiner determined that Daunte Wright's death was a homicide. To avoid a possible conflict of interest, prosecutors in Washington County are handling the case.

The crime happened in Hennepin County.

The ex-officer will be facing criminal charges. However, it is still not clear the kind of charges the officer will face for killing Wright.

The full extent of the charges the police officer will be facing will be understood later.