Breaking Bad's Walter White Lookalike On Run From US Police On Meth-related Charges

The one thing that would not surprise many Breaking Bad fans is that Walter White would be involved with meth. After all, that's his thing.

However, that fictional narrative seems to have come to life with the revelation that the cops are on the lookout for a Walter White lookalike. Coincidentally, he is trying to avoid meth-related charges.

When the authorities shared the post on Facebook, many jokes were made about the suspect, Todd W. Barrick Jr.

He violated his probation which relates to meth possession.

But what intrigued Facebook users the most is that he looks just like Breaking Bad's Walter White, AKA Heisenberg.

In the largely popular series, Bryan Cranston took up the role of a formidable drug lord after getting a serious cancer diagnosis.

Known for his famous lines and effective and drastic means of keeping his operation going, many people had plenty to say about Galesburg's post featuring a man who looked just like him.

"I would never turn in Heisenberg," said one commenter.

Heisenberg was the name Walter White got after he began making his mark in the make-believe drug world he so ruthlessly and selfishly dominated.

According to another commenter, "He is the one who knocks."

This is one of the most famous lines the fictional character made after his wife raised concerns over the risks his new line of work brought upon him.

Another Facebook user, clearly a huge fan of the show, declared: "I would never turn in Heisenberg."

The hilarious comments kept pouring in, with some people pointing the police towards locations the character frequented during the show.

"Have you tried Albuquerque? Perhaps at Los Pollos Hermanos."

But all jokes aside, the police are serious about getting their hands on Todd W. Barrick Jr.

That he is yet to be found has already been reported on many media outlets.