Brandy "Princess Pineapple" Bio, Instagram, And Dating

Brandy "Princess Pineapple" Bio, Instagram, And Dating

Brandy is a social media influencer with an evident love for cannabis. That said, she is also a gamer, an entertainer, a model, and a businesswoman.

Date Of Birth

July 19

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Birth Place

United States

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5 feet 6 inches (167 cm)


130 lbs (58 kg)



Hair Color


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Tattoos And Piercings

Brandy has several tattoos and a nose ring.

Best Known For

Brandy is popular for her modeling pictures on Instagram, her many tattoos, and her love for weed. Her photographs have been shared on several sites throughout the web, which has made her pretty popular.

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Brandy's Instagram

Brandy first posted on Instagram on August 29, 2019. She shared a picture of herself smoking a joint.

Her posts get an average of 2k likes each, but her more popular posts get more than 5k likes. Brandy enjoys sharing pictures of herself in a bikini, often smoking weed.

About Brandy

Brandy was born in the US. She got into modeling and opened several social media accounts as she grew up.

She promotes cannabis brands such as Green Cannabis Co. Brandy stands out for her curvy figure and beautiful sleeve tattoos.


Brandy has not said much about her family. She has not revealed anything about them on her social media accounts.

Interesting Facts

Brandy also has an OnlyFans account through which she offers exclusive content to her fans for a price. She also has a Facebook page with over 3k followers.

She also likes to make videos where she can be seen doing potentially dangerous stunts. Brandy has described herself as an adrenaline junkie.

Brandy is happy to be considered a stoner, and she describes herself on Twitter as having "thick thighs & bloodshot eyes."