Brandon Lee's Death – What Happened To Bruce Lee's Son While Filming "The Crow"

Brandon Lee's Death – What Actually Happened In1993

Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee, has been on the news and grabbed the attention of many. Brandon Lee was a superstar himself, and Brandon Lee's death took everyone by shock, and indeed, his passing was tragic and dramatic.

Discover the real story behind Brandon Lee's death during the filming of The Crow.

In 1993, Brandon Lee was a rising action star, although he wasn't interested in being one and following in his father's footsteps.

But who can deny fate? Unfortunately, the year he backed an action-packed blockbuster, he stepped into his father's footsteps in more tragic ways than one would have imagined.

Read on to know the whole story of how Brandon Lee died while shooting his final scene for The Crow.

Brandon Lee's Life

Brandon Lee's Death

Brandon Lee's death has taken us back to reflecting more about his life. Just like his father, Lee died a tragic end when he was still young. On March 31, Lee was shooting a scene for his upcoming film called The Crow.

He was then shot dead by his co-star, who used a prop gun with a fake bullet lodged in its chamber. Life indeed reflected art when he died. The scene that was shot during his death was the scene of Brandon Lee's death in the movie.

The crew of the movie ceased to believe that their endeavor was poured a dark eye upon. On the initial shooting day of the film, a carpenter nearly electrocuted herself. A construction worker has driven a screwdriver through his hand, and a sculptor rook his car through the studio's backlot.

There is no doubt that Brandon Lee's death was far more tragic than anybody could have imagined, let alone the crew of The Crow. Meanwhile, rumors have been spread in the crowd that the bullet was purposely inserted in the prop gun.

Besides, although he did not want to follow his father's footsteps as an action star, Brandon Lee did die like his father and at a very early age.

Brandon Lee's Childhood

Brandon Lee's Death – What Actually Happened In1993

Born on February 1, 1965, in Oakland, California, Brandon Lee stepped into the life of Bruce Lee when he had only graduated from the University of Washington. Bruce Lee then opened a martial arts school in Seattle.

When Lee started his acting career with his breakout role as Kato in The Green Hornet, Brandon was only one, and his family had moved to Los Angeles.

Therefore, Bruce Lee has spent his childhood in Hong Kong and was eager to share the same experience with his family and mainly with his son. But Bruce Lee's career in martial arts took him to the heights of being the personal trainer of Steve McQueen and Sharon Tate.

This is how he started working in iconic movies like The Way of the Dragon. But sadly, Bruce Lee suffered from cerebral edema. This is how at the age of 32, Bruce Lee took his last breath, and Brandon Lee became fatherless.

During this time, the family came back to Seattle, and Brandon had become a troublemaker. Dropping out of high school and leaving to shoot for his first film marked his comeback. He moved to Hong Kong for his first movie, and only he had no interest in shooting action films like his father.

Brandon Lee's Death – What Actually Happened In1993

Brandon was interested in drama and wanted to make it to the blockbusters while transitioning through serious roles for characters to be played in different films. Slowly, Brandon Lee moved towards success after having worked in projects like Kung Fu: The Movie and Rapid Fire.

Producers started noticing his talent and offered him the role marked as the kickstart to his career. However, it was also his final role that took away his life from the big picture.

Brandon Collapses

Brandon Lee's Death – What Actually Happened In1993

Now that we've shed some light on his childhood and career, let's talk about Brandon Lee's death in detail. Brandon Lee's death was indeed a tragic and unexpected one. The crew was shooting in Eric (Lee's character) and Shelley's apartment.

According to the scene, Brandon was to walk into the room where Michael Massee had to shoot him with a revolver loaded with blanks. Brandon was wearing a black leather jacket, boots, and a t-shirt that bore the prophetic phrase "Hangman's Joke" and entered the room with a bag of groceries in his hand.

The .44 caliber revolver fired from about 12-15 feet of a distance. Brandon released the squib that portrayed the simulation of bullets through the grocery bag. Brandon then collapsed to the floor while he bled profusely from his right side. That is pretty much it to Brandon Lee's death.

Brandon Lee's Death – What Actually Happened In1993

Later, many crew members commented that Brandon did not hit the floor in his previous rehearsals. It was later understood that Brandon did signal using his arm to imply that he was shot, but the crew was very busy with their roles to notice. It was only when the director yelled "CUT" that everybody saw that Brandon did not get up.

He was then rushed to the New Hanover Regional Medical Center. People realized he was no longer in his character and that he was hurt for real. He was rushed to the medical center at 2131 S. 17th Street. The doctor noticed he still had vital signs and had to be diagnosed with emergency surgery.

It was learned that a quarter-size hole was created in his lower right abdomen before entering his stomach and hitting more vital organs. The bullet ended up resting next to Brandon Lee's spine.

After Brandon Lee's Death

Brandon Lee's Death – What Actually Happened In1993

You've already read that Brandon did not want to follow his father as an action star. He tried to make it big as a more versatile and dramatic actor. He enjoyed doing weird stuff that excited him, like jumping through the window or over the wall instead of knocking at the main door.

Lee and his fiancé were set to get married in Mexico after two weeks of Brandon Lee's death. But Eliza Hutton, his fiancé, rushed to be by his side in the hospital where he was counting his last breath. Like his father's death was rumored to be a planned murder by the Chinese Mafia, rumors in the air say that the scene in the movie was only used to kill him in real life.

Brandon Lee's Death – What Actually Happened In1993

This is not true. Instead, CGI was incorporated to complete the film. Nevertheless, the co-actor who shot him with the revolver, Michael Massee, had never recovered from that fatal shot until Brandon Lee's death and died at 64.

Brandon Lee's death took him to his grave next to the tombstone of his father. This joint gravesite has witnessed the arrival of many people every year as they remain in the hearts whose life they had touched when alive.