Brad Pitt & George Clooney Took A Pay Cut To Get New Movie In Theaters

Brad Pitt & George Clooney Took A Pay Cut To Get New Movie In Theaters

Clooney and Brad Pitt are working on a film together, and they have had to accept a reduction in pay as part of their deal with Apple.

Not much was known about the film at the time, and the budget had not even been announced. Additionally, casting and production dates have also not been revealed.

The movie will be a drama that will focus on two fixers who have been assigned the same job.

It will be directed by Jon Watts, who also directed Spider-Man: No Way Home. Watts' hit film, Cop Car, created opportunities for him at Marvel.

Clooney discussed a deal they made with Apple in an interview with Deadline. The arrangement was arrived at to ensure the movie got a theatrical release.

According to Clooney, there was a bidding war for the star-studded film, and Apple offered generous paychecks to the two actors. During negotiations, however, the two agreed to pay cuts so that the film would have a stronger theatrical release:

"Apple came in with a really big number for Brad and I, and we said we'd like to take less as long as we can guarantee that we can have a theatrical release, and they said great. So, I do think that there's a way that we can all co-exist."

Recently, there have been claims that getting a theatrical release is quite challenging, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is also the issue of only main blockbusters having a great chance of success at the box office at the moment.

Clooney also mentioned that streaming services have been stepping up during the pandemic. The Tender Bar is a perfect example of this success despite being passed over by theaters.

The Tender Bar, the most recent film by George Clooney, was released on Amazon on January 7. The movie has already started rumors of Ben Affleck getting an award with his nomination or the Golden Globes and Screen Actor's Guild.

Generally speaking, studios are warier about theatrical releases. Fortunately, streaming services have helped make up for the slump.

Smaller, low-budget films don't have very good chances of succeeding at the box office. Consequently, fans can only hope that the financial sacrifice the two actors have made to ensure the upcoming film gets a theatrical release pays off.

At the moment, Pitt is involved in making a new film, Blonde, which will be an adaption of Joyce Carol Oates's novel about Marilyn Monroe's life.