Boyfriend Lets His Hairstylist Girlfriend Experiment On Him During Quarantine

Boyfriend Lets His Hairstylist Girlfriend Experiment On Him During Quarantine

The coronavirus isn't playing, so if you feel stuck in quarantine, this story might inspire you to be more proactive and bring some fun in the dark times!

The coronavirus has made Heidi Lee Oley from Atlanta, Georgia temporarily shut down her hair salon. During the pandemic, she and her boyfriend Geoff have been staying at her family's cabin in north Georgia. Since Heidi misses her work, her boyfriend is doing the only honorable thing: letting her play with his hair.

Geoff doesn't mind posing with bridal inspired hairstyles. It looks like the couple is having fun while staying in quarantine. Luckily, the boyfriend has terrific, long locks, which are every hairstylist's dream, and it's also a great way to gain some free exposure for the salon in Georgia.

The couple has been posting different hairstyles on Instagram, and the responses are lovely. Since Heidi uses famous figures as her inspiration, such as Amy Winehouse, George Washington, and Princess Leia, it's safe to say that the couple's on the road to becoming mild celebrities. And, with that in mind, we are sure that Heidi's hands will be very busy once the quarantine is over.

What's even more inspiring is that the boyfriend is pushing his lovely girlfriend to experiment. Try out different, unusual hairstyles, and become even better at her job. Now, if this isn't the romance from heaven, we aren't sure what is!

Geoff, the softer engineer, and Heidi Lee Oley started dating two years ago. What attracted her the most was his hair. They don't go out unless it's for groceries, and they are always accepting new ideas. Oley explained that she used to braid her partner's hair because he liked it. But, she wasn't ready for such positive and uplifting responses from all over the world.

For many, the quarantine will either make or break their relationships and marriages. While there are no guarantees, something tells us that Geoff and Heidi have just what it takes to be forever together. It sounds cheesy, but if you find someone willing to challenge you and have fun, no matter what's going on in the outside world, they are a keeper.

Instead of always being bored, try doing something productive with friends, family, or even with your pets, depending on who's with you during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. You can sew, knit, and experiment in the kitchen, or have someone help you write your first novel. Remember, you're not in prison, nor is this a war. You're safe in your home, and there's a lot of room for self-improvement and fun, despite social distancing.

The world seems like such a dark place, so be positive, and you might inspire others to do better!