Boyfriend FaceTimes Jealous Girlfriend Throughout His Entire 12-Hour Shift At Work

An online incident occurred where a woman was referred to as "nuts" after allegedly making her boyfriend FaceTime her for his 12-hour work shift at an Amazon warehouse due to her lack of trust in other women's intentions toward him. The woman, Nela, residing in Fresno, California, shared a TikTok video earlier this month, expressing her desire to be aware of her boyfriend, Jose Macias's activities throughout the day when they are apart. This behavior is concerning.


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1. Nela Insists She Trusts Jose

According to Nela, she does not compel her boyfriend to converse with her every moment of the day because she suspects him of flirting with other women, but rather because she fears that other women may flirt with him. It is unclear what actions she plans to take from home to address this concern, but let's assume she has a plan.

2. How Is This Even Allowed?

While certain workplaces may be more relaxed than others, it is uncommon for employees to be allowed to remain on FaceTime calls throughout the day, particularly in large-scale business factories. It is puzzling that a supervisor has not intervened and requested the employee to end the call.

3. Commenters were NOT having Nela's nonsense

No one appeared to endorse Nela's controlling conduct. On the contrary, all of them believed that she required assistance in dealing with her evident concerns. "Free him," one user said. Another added: "THIS ISN'T NORMAL."

4. It's Clear She Doesn't Trust Him At All

Despite Nela's assertion, her conduct suggests that she harbors significant trust issues and doubts her boyfriend's ability to remain faithful while performing his job. In such a situation, it is reasonable to question why they are in a relationship at all. "In a relationship trust is the key so you're doing too much!" one person told her in response to a subsequent video she shared. "If you don't trust them leave him."

5. Of Course, This Could Be Classic Internet Trolling

Individuals often engage in unusual activities to achieve internet fame, and Nela's videos have undeniably gone viral, albeit for questionable reasons. Nonetheless, there is no concrete evidence to support the notion that this event occurs regularly. Therefore, it is prudent to view it with a degree of skepticism.


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