Boy Strangles, Rapes 9-Year-Old Cousin During Sleepover, Stomps On Her Chest Dumps Her Body: Prosecutors

Boy Strangles, Rapes 9-year-old Cousin During Sleepover, Stomps On Her Chest Dumps Her Body: Prosecutors

Jeremiah Morfin, a 17-year-old New Mexico teen; is facing charges for murdering his 9-year-old cousin during a sleepover. As if that is not bad enough, he is now facing additional charges for raping and dumping the girl in a drainage tunnel.

Daniel Gallegos, 2nd Judicial District Court Judge, approved the additional charges and they include sexual penetration of a minor under 13, tampering with evidence, and child abuse resulting in death.


At the time he performed the grisly murder, Morfin was 15 years old. After the murder, he dumped the girl's body in a drainage tunnel close to his home in Albuquerque.

His mother actually called the authorities to tell them about her missing niece and her son's strange behavior: he wasn't acting normal.

She explained that the girl and other relatives had come to her home for a sleepover.


When she got up, the back door was unlocked and her son was busy cleaning his room and doing laundry.

After Morfin spoke with investigators, he took them to the drainage tunnel where he dumped the girl's body. She was found naked from the waist down while also wrapped in a blanket.

He tried to explain what happened:

"There were so many things that happened. It was boiling up inside. I let it go and I did something bad."


After an autopsy, the girl was found to have succumbed to blunt force trauma and strangulation.

The Girl Experienced Sexual Abuse, Strangulation, And Internal Injuries

After the crime, Morfin was arrested and charged with murder and child abuse.

The authorities had previously said that evidence had shown that the girl had suffered from sexual abuse. However, they were waiting for DNA evidence before tucking in this new charge to the existing list of charges.


At the moment, court documents show that Morfin's DNA was present on the girl.

An ex-boyfriend to Morfin's mother said the girl was spending the night at their home before disappearing in the middle of the night.

The murder was pretty brutal, according to court records. In addition to strangling the girl as he raped her, Morfin also stomped her chest and made her suffer from internal injuries.


The boy's lawyer says that the girl did not lose her life due to sexual assault. The lawyer also said that the DNA could have ended up there after Morfin touched her.

For these reasons, the lawyer did not think the boy should not face felony murder. However, the judge still went ahead and agreed with the prosecution:

"The state has alleged and has put forth sufficient information, at least at the probable cause stage, that the defendant committed the act of sexual penetration and the act of murder."


The girl is still remembered fondly, with staff members at Edward Gonzalez Elementary School saying that the girl was a petite and sweet third-grader.

Morphin is still locked up in jail, and the only thing he can look forward to is the outcome of his next court hearing. A lot of people are also waiting to see how this case will progress.