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Boy, Seven, 'Has His Mouth Taped Shut By A Teacher For Talking Too Much In Class'

Boy, Seven, ‘has His Mouth Taped Shut By A Teacher For Talking Too Much In Class’

On learning that her son's mouth was taped shut while in school, a mother got quite furious and demanded an explanation, an apology, and a promise that this would not happen again.

The boy's crime was talking too much in class.

When parents send their kids to school, their hope is that their little ones will get fair treatment, even when they don't do what's expected of them. It is for this reason this mother was angry at having her son's mouth taped shut for talking excessively.

The bizarre incident took place at Colwill School in West Auckland, New Zealand. However, it is not just the boy who has had to endure this punishment.

As far as the school is concerned, this particular teacher does it for the humor since other students seem to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, the boy did not take the punishment as lightly as his peers and the teacher in question did. Due to the trauma, he did not attend the last two weeks of the school year.

The boy even gave the annual Christmas concert a pass.

While talking about the incident, the mother explained how disgusted she was by the way her son was treated:

"I'm just absolutely appalled that a teacher would do something like this."

The boy was quite ashamed of what he went through. The mother actually learned about the incident through her daughter, who attends the same school.

The girl had in turn found out about the punishment through her brother's classmate while in the playground.

Unfortunately, the boy also suffers from breathing problems, and he is currently grappling with elevated levels of anxiety after the punishment.

What Does The School Say About This?

As soon as the mom found out about what had happened to the boy at the school, she picked up the phone and called them. She immediately started to complain.

However, this is not how the complaint process at the school is set up.

The mother was also not happy with the sluggish manner in which the school was dealing with the issue. She took matters into her own hands by handing out pamphlets outside the school while also talking to other parents about backing her up.

Rob Taylor, the school's principal, promised that the matter would be addressed with utmost seriousness. However, he explained that interviewing all the people involved would take a while.

On December 11, he even sent a letter to the devastated parent explaining that a thorough investigation would be done first.

He said that the children involved and their parents had already been interviewed by the school's social worker. The testimonies indicated that, just as the teacher had explained, the children seemed to enjoy this unique form of punishment.

The mother was also informed that the Ministry of Education was giving the boy necessary counseling to ease his anxiety and motivate him to resume school.

The letter also had a statement from the teacher who had carried out the punishment:

"I am very upset by what has happened and very sorry to [the student] and [the parents] for causing upset to your family."

The police also got involved, and together with the school board, they are doing further investigations into the matter.

Mom Thinks She Deserves An Apology

The mother does not think that this should have happened in the first place. She also wonders why it took so long for the school and the teacher to apologize.

"I asked my 7-year-old what he thought about all this, and he said: 'When we do something wrong in class we have to say sorry and that we won't do it again, why can't the teacher?'"

At the moment, the family is waiting for the investigations to end to see if there will be a satisfying outcome. Otherwise, they intend to complain through a local office of the Ministry of Education.

So far, there has been no comment from the principal about the employment status of the teacher involved in this scandal.