"Boy Moms" Face Criticism For The Flawed Logic Behind Teaching Their Sons To Cook

"Boy Moms" Face Criticism For The Flawed Logic Behind Teaching Their Sons To Cook

Amid the constantly changing landscape of social media trends, the "Boy Moms" movement on TikTok has surfaced as a heartening and revolutionary phenomenon. This trend boldly confronts conventional gender stereotypes and societal conventions by encouraging mothers to impart crucial life abilities like cooking and cleaning to their sons. The objective is to ensure that their sons do not anticipate these responsibilities solely from their future wives or partners. "Boy Moms" are effectively leading the charge towards nurturing a generation that prizes teamwork and cooperation. Nevertheless, there is a contingent of mothers who have taken these ideals to heart, prompting some to question whether their intentions serve the greater good of all. This has ignited a lively debate among internet parents.

Boy Moms Raising Independent Sons

In bygone eras, women were traditionally tasked with overseeing household affairs while their husbands went off to work. This entailed rising early to ready the children for school, assembling packed lunches, maintaining household cleanliness, handling grocery shopping, and preparing every meal. Over time, this arrangement often became more of a burden than a harmonious shared existence. Fortunately, in today's progressive world, we observe a growing trend of individuals jointly shouldering these responsibilities. This development proves immensely beneficial, especially with both spouses now typically engaged in full-time employment.

A fresh TikTok trend, known as the "Boy Moms" trend, has emerged, mirroring the previously popular "Girl dads" trend. The genesis of this trend can be traced back to one TikTok user, Laura Elizabeth Graham (@lauraelizabethgraham), who posted a video demonstrating her teaching her son various household tasks. In this particular video, the focus was on teaching him how to cook. The text overlay on the video clip reads: Making sure my son can cook so he's not impressed by your daughter's [Stouffer's] lasagna."

The caption clarified that he would occasionally desire a homemade meal, but at least he would have the skills to prepare it himself. This mother's initiative piqued the curiosity of other parents, leading them to create and share similar videos. And so, a new trend, known as "Boy Moms," was born.

More Boy Moms

The internet is currently brimming with "Boy Moms," all dedicated to imparting independence to their sons. Among them is Payal Desai, who has meticulously assembled a series of videos showcasing her son engaging in various household tasks. "So your daughter doesn't have to deal with a man who was catered to his whole life," she wrote in the caption.

Although this trend now has a name, back in 2016, another mother of boys, Nicoline Paulun, shared videos of her son cooking and even instructed him on how to load the dishwasher. Her captions contained some noteworthy insights. Nicoline penned: "Remember parents, a man who believes he shouldn't have to cook or do chores was once a boy who was never taught any better."

She continued, "I really just want to make sure that he grows up to be somebody who is self-sufficient. And that he's not considered lazy. He's going to be a good hardworking man. You can't have that if you don't start teaching them when they're young."

Even a psychologist joined the "Boy Moms" trend, as Amber Wardell shared her own video of teaching her son how to cook. In the clip, she mentions: She says in the clip, "I'm teaching my son to cook so that he will show up for his future wife as though she's his partner and not his servant."


This is how we create snobby, entitled men who treat their wives like the help and constantly compare them to mommy dearest. Let’s teach our boys to be self-sufficient, nurturing, compassionate, and supportive. Let’s teach them that their wives do not exist to be their mommies. Most importantly, let’s teach our sons that it is HEALTHY and NORMAL for them to one day leave us and become more attached to their wives than they are to us, and that this is what we WANT for them. Otherwise, we’ll all end up with our boys living with us forever — not because they love us but because no women will have them. They’ll be divorced, lonely and miserable, and we’ll still be cooking their meals. Is this really what we want for our sons? #motherhood #momlife #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodunited #parenting #boymom #biymomculture #toxicboymomculture

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Reg Flags

While the "Boy Moms" trend aims to assist mothers in raising sons capable of handling their own cooking and cleaning, it has not garnered unanimous support. The internet is buzzing with passionate discussions, and the debate is intensifying. Some mothers argue that the trend is raising significant concerns and red flags.

Certain parents are concerned that "Boy Moms" who teach their sons to prepare gourmet meals might inadvertently instill expectations in these young men for such culinary excellence every evening. This could potentially result in their future partners needing to possess the same culinary prowess to meet their standards.