No better way to define humanity than to use yourself as an example. Champion British Boxer- Tyson Fury has shown the greatest level of humanity by donating his entire earrings to several UK charities that specialize in providing housing for recovering addicts and alcoholics.

Not judging but others would have preferred to spend the money on sports cars, houses, clothes, artworks, trips or even invest. But the 30-year-old fighter decided to do something no one ever expected- donate the entire earning.

Commonly called “The Gypsy King”, Fury won in a recent fight against Deontay Wilder in December and his reward for this was supposed to be $3.5 million but the pay-per-view income across the world increased the payout to roughly $9 million. This fight was like a comeback after he briefly gave up fighting in 2017 due to some personal issues. He began regaining his titles immediately after he got back his boxing license in 2018. According to Fury, he said that Wilder and his team underestimated him.

“They think I’ve just come here to pick up a few quid.” he added.

While on a promotional tour ahead of his UBC heavyweight title in Los Angeles, Fury was stunned by the number of homeless people he saw on the streets and this brought back the memories of his younger self. Fury spent most of his life struggling with drug addiction and mental health issues and he could easily understand their experience.

Knowing he could have easily been in that same position, he decided to donate his entire earnings to several UK charities that specialize in providing housing for recovering addicts and alcoholics. Fury had never thought of himself as solving homelessness, but experiences can sometimes change one’s entire view of life.

His donation was confirmed during a Q&A segment in a charity auction in Cardiff in response to a question asked by his fan concerning his pledge

Fury said “I did give away my last purse, but I don’t do charity work for a pat on the back. I do it to help people, but I do not want praise for it, I don’t want to be called a do-gooder.”

He also added that he didn’t really care about the money and he didn’t really have much use for it.

“I’m planning to give it all away to the poor and for building houses for the homeless.

 I will probably wind up like all the other boxers down the years, skint,” he added.