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Boris Johnson Set To Announce New Covid Restrictions

Boris Johnson Set To Announce New Covid Restrictions

Boris Johnson has been planning to introduce new coronavirus restrictions as a way to deal with the outbreak of the new Omicron coronavirus variant. The infection rate has been spreading fast throughout the country.

A number of measures have already been taken due to the coronavirus variant, omicron. For instance, the government recently introduced travel restrictions.

People were also asked to use face masks when indoors to keep the new outbreak in control.

However, the infection rate is still growing, which is why Boris Johnson and other ministers are making plans to introduce a stricter, albeit more controversial, "plan B."

Among the provisions of "plan B," people will be encouraged to work from home whenever possible. There will also be coronavirus vaccine passes when getting into crowded venues such as nightclubs.

However, at the time the meeting took place, no such decisions had been made just yet. The new restrictions are meant to ensure that the NHS will not get overwhelmed.

There are some critics of this plan, however.

For instance, some members of the public think that "plan B" is a little convenient considering that a Christmas party took place at Downing Street last year. At the time, the country was in lockdown.

Rachael Venables, an LBC correspondent, thinks that "plan B" is a hard sell because the public does not believe top government officials will follow it, although Johnson and his ministers would like everybody else to abide by these restrictions.

Another suspicious Twitter user commented that they are currently wondering what had happened for Boris to "use such a big distraction."

The meeting to discuss "plan B" is believed to have been summoned after the government got a report about the coronavirus situation in the country from Professor Chris Whitty, England's chief medical officer, and Sir Patrick Vallance, chief scientific adviser.

According to many people online, the new restrictions make little sense. Senior government officials have claimed that Johnson is concerned that failing to act right now might lead to regrets down the road if the infection rates get worse.