Bored Girlfriends In Isolation Are Giving Their Boyfriends The Worst Hilarious Haircuts

Girlfriends make their boyfriends appreciate professional hairdressers more than ever as they receive hilariously ugly haircuts in isolation.

Being stuck at home all day can do some funny tricks to people, it seems.

We’ve seen numerous celebrities bursting out into songs no one asked for and regular folks becoming TikTok stars as they dance the hours away.

What’s worse than hibernating alone in times of a lockdown, you ask? It’s being stranded in your home with your significant other!

And if somehow you manage to coexist peacefully without ripping each other’s throats, you’ll end up doing something stupidly funny to soothe lockdown blues.

Erin Davidson, a couples and sex therapist, advises:

“This is a situation where you kind of know what is going to happen. You have time to come up with a game plan.”

“Chat about what to do in moments where things are stressful – normalize that it’s OK if you get on each other’s nerves, and decide on a signal that means ‘OK, we need to take a moment in separate rooms or recognize better communication is needed, or perhaps someone needs a hug or to talk about emotions that are coming up.'”

However, when a threat of boredom is combined with the need for a haircut, it seems some girlfriends just can’t be stopped.

As barbershops are closed indefinitely, men have only two choices. They can leave their hair to grow long or let their girlfriends help them and blindly hope for the best.

Desperate times call for desperate options. Surprisingly, some men have opted for the latter option.

And some of them are taking it to social media to share photos of their new hairstyles—done by their girlfriends.

Many might argue this isn’t the right time for experiments and hobbies you’ve no prior experience for, but the results of some of these attempts are hilarious!

These men probably won’t make the same mistake ever again.

One Twitter user, Daniel, let his partner Sophie attempt doing a haircut, suggesting that she should shave the hair, so it smoothly graduated from shorter at the bottom to longer on top.

Apparently, Sophie had other plans, though.

She simply shaved the majority of Daniel’s hair off, leaving only a jagged tuft resting on top of his head.

Jake also showed his girlfriend a photo of the hair look he wanted, short at the back and sides and longer on top. In the end, he got a solid line shaved around the bottom of his hair.

Another guy, Matt, asked his girlfriend for help. What he got was an extremely jagged, uneven hairdo, which jumped swiftly from bald to hairy.

bored girlfriends in isolation are giving their boyfriends the worst hilarious haircuts

And Josh decided to try a bowl cut, but he perhaps got the smallest bowl ever.

bored girlfriends in isolation are giving their boyfriends the worst hilarious haircuts