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Booze-Filled Easter Eggs Are The Only Way To Celebrate This April

Booze-filled Easter Eggs Are The Only Way To Celebrate This April

When Easter comes around, many people are on the lookout for unique gifts for loved ones. This includes choosing the perfect Easter eggs, and there are plenty of options available.

You can get all sorts of Easter eggs these days to suit different tastes, preferences, and ages. This includes everything from traditional chocolate eggs to savory cheese Easter eggs.

Another unique option is to give booze-filled Easter eggs, which provide the perfect adult treat. These are unique and unusual, and they are perfect for adult Easter egg hunts.


Creating Your Adult Booze-Filled Easter Eggs

Creating the perfect booze-filled Easter eggs is far easier than you may think. You can get your boozy eggs sorted out in next to no time once you have purchased the necessary items you need.

First off, you will need to purchase plastic eggs that are medium to large in size. Like chocolate eggs, these should break into two pieces so you can place something inside.

You also need to purchase a selection of miniature bottles of booze. The amount and type you need will depend on who you are getting eggs for.


The easiest way to get your plastic eggs is to go online, where you should find a wide range available. There are lots of sizes and colors to choose from, so opt for a variety of different colors if you can.

You can also get your booze miniatures online or you can pop into the supermarket for these. Again, get a good selection of different ones to ensure everyone doesn't get the same.

A Fun Easter Egg Hunt

We all associated Easter egg hunts with children, but there is no reason why adults cannot enjoy this activity. When you have booze-filled Easter eggs, your adult friends and family will be even keener to find them!


Once you have placed the miniature booze bottles inside the plastic eggs, you can start hiding them. The great news is that, if the day is hot, you won't have to worry about your plastic eggs melting!

A Unique Idea for Adults

So, if you want something unique for adults to enjoy this Easter, this is a great choice. Your friends and family will love the booze-filled Easter eggs you prepare for them.


In addition, they can enjoy having a refreshing tipple once they have found the eggs simply by cracking open the egg and removing the miniature!