Boosie Goes Off After Woman In Airport Mistakes Him For Flavor Flav

boosie goes off after woman in airport mistakes him for flavor flav

Boosie Badazz has had a number of issues in the past, and his social media fans know this better than anybody.

Generally, Boosie has been making a lot of headlines lately. Recently, his Instagram account was deactivated once again.

This time, he had posted a video in which he was slapping a man on camera in exchange for $554. The incident happened during his music shoot with DaBaby.


After the video went viral, Boosie's Instagram account was shut down.

It later turned out that the slap was all part of a music video he was recording with DaBaby for the track Period.

He has also expressed many controversial opinions about everything and everyone through social media. His targets have included Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, whom he called a racist over his account getting shut down after violating the platform's terms and conditions.


Boosie has also made his opinion about Quavo and Saweetie's recent ordeal public.


More recently, he was left upset by an airport incident in which a woman mistook him for Flavor Flav, a famous New York rapper. He disclosed the incident and how upsetting it was for him on social media.

He posted a video on Instagram claiming that a woman had called him out, thinking he was Flavor Flav. Fortunately, he seems to have put that behind him.

In the video, he said:


"I was in the f**king and the lady gon' talk about 'FLAVOR FLAV!"

He noted that the woman might have called him because he was wearing red sunglasses, which have become part of Flavor Flav's signature look.

Boosie responded to the lady by saying it was, "too early for that sh*t."

He also had something to say to Flavor Flav:

"Flav, you can't f**k with me man."

The rapper also took the time to declare that he did not look like Flavor Flav:


"I don't look like no damn Flavor Flav. I look like Boosie."

This can't possibly be the last time we'll be hearing about Boosie's social media outbursts, that's for sure.