Bolivian Convict Tries To Escape Prison Disguised As A Sheep

In an effort to break out of a maximum security prison, a Bolivian prisoner disguised themselves as a sheep and crawled through the grassy terrain.

Jose Luis Callisaya Diaz, who is currently incarcerated at Chonchocoro prison in La Paz, Bolivia for a 15-year term on charges of homicide, attempted to escape by covering himself in a sheep's skin as a disguise.

According to reports, Diaz, also known as 'El Araña' (which means 'The Spider'), managed to evade Chonchocoro prison's security by crawling through the grass during the night.

He subsequently tried to breach one of the prison's walls in an effort to escape confinement.

Earlier this month, the true wolf in sheep's clothing made an attempt to escape, but prison guards recaptured him and recent images of the event have now surfaced.

The elusive criminal's absence from his cell was promptly detected by the guards, prompting authorities to swiftly take action to bring him back into custody.

The guards caught him in the act as he crawled on his hands and knees across the grassy field, and they promptly returned him to his cell.

Diaz is featured in a peculiar series of photographs, where he is dressed in a jacket made of sheep's wool and dark trousers, and can be seen walking through the grass while mimicking the movements of a farm animal.

The individual skilled in escaping believed that he could utilize the cold weather as an opportunity to avoid being incarcerated.

Juan Carlos Limpias, who is the director of prisons throughout Bolivia, provided assurance to the nation that the unsuccessful escapee was once again in custody.

He said: "We inform the Bolivian population that prison security police officers from the San Pedro de Chonchocoro Penitentiary Center prevented the escape of prisoner José Luis Callisaya Diaz (alias El Araña), who took advantage of the inclement weather to try to flee through one of the walls of the external perimeter of the prison."

Following the prison escape, the authorities have taken measures to initiate legal and disciplinary actions against the prisoner.

The humorous failed escape attempt left social media users perplexed, and many commended the prison staff for their efforts in apprehending the prisoner and returning him to his cell.