Body Rubs For Wellness? The Biggest Trends In Massage And Mindfulness For 2020

Body Rubs For Wellness? The Biggest Trends In Massage And Mindfulness For 2020

Just because 2020 put a damper on your wellness travel plans, doesn't mean you can't bring some of that relaxing power home.

While the massage industry has long gained popularity among the elite, the last few years have been devoted to bringing down the ethereal and incredibly positive benefits of massage to a more diverse group of people. "Massage isn't just for those who can afford a spa day. It's something that is wildly necessary for us all to experience." Says the expert at Elite Indulgence, a master of body rubs and wellness. "Body rubs and massage aren't just good for our muscles, but highly beneficial for our minds and spirits. They improve a number of mental aspects, as well as addressing physical issues."

If 2020 has brought anything to the wellness and massage industries, it's that we must all better connect with ourselves, our environments, and our bodies. "This will be a very difficult time for everyone. There's a sense of loss and disconnection that we're all learning to deal with… which is why touch and assurance are more important than ever." Many mental health experts have warned of what's to come as an impending mental health crisis knocks at our door. Coupled with physical distancing measures, and the threat of illness can make it even more difficult to address than normal. But, the massage industry continues to shine, offering safe and effective treatments at home or a distance.

Body rubs

Body rubs are perhaps the premier trend that is coming to 2020. A full body contact massage is something that can easily be performed at home by a partner or one in which a skilled practitioner can come to you. Body rubs themselves address many facets of wellbeing at one time. A psychosexual meditation that also serves to promote circulation and improve non-verbal communication while still allowing for the inner mind to unfurl and become more present.

Sound Massage

First becoming popular in 2018, sound massages and ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) became a way to reach a meditative state without requiring strict discipline or a masseur. While these massages can be achieved at home, the best is still performed by a skilled professional. Whether just laying quietly and listening to soothing tones or having vibrating sound bowls placed along with specific partners of the body, both are excellent ways to disconnect from the stressors we are currently presented with.

Hot Stone Massage

Long popular and still on top, hot stone massages are incredibly relaxing. Perhaps even more relaxing is that they don't require direct contact with your masseuse, making them a trending choice for those with sensitivities to touch. The rocks can be used to knead, tap, and stroke the skin of those receiving the message. They can also be placed along the spine or areas of tension to gently reduce pinpoint pain.

Blue Mind Massage

Few things are as energizing and relaxing as the ocean. Blue mind massages generally involve being in or near water. Whether it be a lake, stream, or the ocean itself, the blue mind offers relaxation and calm by focusing on the movements of the water itself. Some use flotation devices to lay on the surface of the water in order to allow the waves and currents to gently massage bodies with rhythmic undulations. The best thing about a blue mind message is there's no right or wrong way to go about letting the power of water cleanse your mind.

Forest Bathing

Bringing massage and mindfulness into one beautiful space, forest bathing, is another eco-minded moment. While you can indulge in other types of massage while forest bathing, all you really need for this type of wellness activity is some trees and bare feet. Walking around the forest barefoot is a wonderful way to connect to our world and ourselves. If you have the right secluded spot, adding in a body rub while enjoying the forest floor can take the experience to a whole new level. Turn off all distractions and just let yourself be absorbed in the beauty of the space.