Bodybuilder Says She's Received Marriage Proposals Because Of Her Muscular Physique

bodybuilder says she’s received marriage proposals because of her muscular physique

"I don't find muscular women attractive" or " A bodybuilder? A turn off". If you fall into any of these categories, Daniela Zuccarini is out to prove you wrong. Swelling muscles seem to have their own thrill.

The bodybuilder has been lifting weights since 2019 and has no regrets. Some fellas just cannot get enough of her muscles. She has turned down proposals to be engaged to many of them.

Why She Does What She Does

bodybuilder says she's received marriage proposals because of her muscular physique

Daniela believes that bodybuilding makes her feel better about herself physically and intellectually. She is also able to be of help to other bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Social media is a "wellspring of motivation" for her. How? She gets to share some of her routines and pictures to motivate other wellness devotees like herself. And yes, she gets tons of male admirers who love her muscles enough to propose.

She has had her fair share of criticisms since not everyone is open to the idea of female bodybuilding. Some say she is too muscular for a lady. Others just cannot believe that a woman could achieve such body goals or attract the attention of sincere men.

Such remarks can be discouraging but Daniela does not let them get her down. She is a woman who loves her body and is comfortable in it. She is more determined to prompt other ladies to pursue their fitness objectives.

How Her Bodybuilding Journey Started

bodybuilder says she's received marriage proposals because of her muscular physique

Daniela says:

Wellness has consistently being a piece of who I am. In my 20s, it truly turned into enthusiasm when my accomplice at the time urged me to take up running. I ran consistently for a very long time, however, I needed to take things further. I got keen on preparing and began taking a shot at my eating regimen as well.

She further said:

I began by coincidence. It essentially appeared like something I needed to attempt and I've since gotten truly enthusiastic about it.

How Has She Been Able To Keep Up The Routine

bodybuilder says she's received marriage proposals because of her muscular physique

I presently train in the weight room each and every day. Two times per week, I add thirty minutes of cardio as well. I've likewise removed meat and dairy.

She also stated that;

Weight training requires mental quality and tirelessness.

Her dedication has paid off so far. Since she began working out, she has had opportunities to model and still gets numerous solicitations. She is more confident and feels more grounded.

Her wellness network on Instagram has been of great support to her. She is able to associate with others within the network who urge her to pursue her goals wholeheartedly and without fear.

According to her,

The vast majority of the reactions to my page have been dazzling. I don't think individuals are scared of my muscles since I'm very ladylike as well...obviously, not all do and I have been informed that I'm 'too muscly' for a lady. However, I couldn't care less. I'm content with my body and that is what is important.

It is no surprise that men find her attractive. A woman who is confident and comfortable in her own skin just is.

Daniela says she has discovered that it is difficult for a man who does not share her way of life to come on to her. But, it does not stop men from doing so. Also, it has never been much of an issue from her perspective.

What She Has To Say To Other Wellness Enthusiasts

In the event that there are other ladies out there with a wellness objective, don't let anything keep you down. Do all that you can to accomplish your objective - regardless of what others state.

In light of negative remarks she has received, she urges others to let such comments inspire them to accomplish their objectives.