Bodybuilder Grandma Hits Back At Trolls By Posting Sexy Selfies — No "Old Hag" Here!

In 2011, Charlene Farnsworth had a significant health scare that prompted her to prioritize living life to the fullest and taking charge of her body. As a result, she embarked on a rigorous fitness journey that has left the 51-year-old grandmother feeling and appearing better than ever. She has even discovered a career in mature modeling. Despite being labeled an "old hag" by online trolls, she chooses to ignore their remarks.

1. Charlene Goes To The Gym Six Days A Week

During her workouts, she engages in a great deal of weightlifting and could easily outperform individuals half her age. Her physique boasts ample muscle, and she exudes a sense of strength and confidence. It's no surprise she feels empowered and alluring.

2. She Gets Lots Of Attention From Men But She's Happily Married

Despite being in her 50s and married to her husband Mike for 22 years, Charlene continues to receive attention from numerous men who express romantic interest in her. "My husband is extremely proud of my accomplishments. He loves the fact that I've become so fit and confident," she said. "He deals with the admirers very well, knowing that he is the one that gets to go through life by my side."

3. Of Course, Haters Gonna Hate

Although many individuals show great support and admiration for Charlene's efforts to maintain her health and confidence in her appearance, she still encounters a fair share of online trolls. Certain individuals have gone so far as to label her an "old hag," while others resort to insulting emojis and other forms of negativity.

4. The Haters Don't Bother Her At All

"To the trolls and haters leaving puke faces… thanks for boosting my engagement," she posted as the caption to a selfie on Instagram. "Your opinion means nothing, it just shows your insecurities. I'm not everyone's cup of tea and that's okay, just move along. Your attempts at being hurtful just empower me. Trying to insult me by calling me old? This is 51, if that's old, that's okay, I'll take it."

5. Negativity Has No Place In Charlene's Life

What has enabled Charlene to disregard the negativity? Having experienced a scare with throat cancer in 2011 and being diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, she recognizes the significance of prioritizing what truly matters in life. "I care less about others' opinions of me now. I've learned to always try to look for the positive things rather than the negative," she explained. "I steer clear of people who tend to always be negative, they tend to drag you down. Instead, I use the negative comments as fuel to drive me to continue living a healthy lifestyle and representing the over-50 crowd that doesn't let our age define us."