Blood-Covered Men Armed With Chainsaws Tell Beachgoers 'You're F****d'

It looked like something out of a horror film - men covered with blood and chainsaws in their hands screaming at scared on-lookers.

An unsettling video has been shared on the internet that got people talking and wondering what on Earth is going on.

The video shows two men as they walk on a beach, firing up their chainsaw motors and yelling at innocent beachgoers.

According to reports, this horrifying incident happened at Cherry Beach in Toronto, Canada.

Crazed Maniacs

The men, who have not been identified, started yelling obscenities at the beachgoers, asking who had hit one of them.

In the video, they can be heard screaming 'You're f***ed". As they walk towards the small crowd, one of the men yells out his question: "Who the f*** hit me?"

blood-covered men armed with chainsaws tell beachgoers 'you're f****d'

Apparently, the men were involved in a brawl the previous day and returned to the beach for revenge.

Chris Sky was one of the witnesses of this strange and scary incident and talked to Rebel News about it.

He said the men had arrived on the beach when most visitors were gone. Those remaining were there to clean up.

"Those folks discovered the seashore after the gathering was finished, after all the visitors were gone, aside from a couple of individuals who were tidying up the seashore."

"Music was all the while running, at a lower level… evidently, they traded words with someone and they left. The person they traded words with likewise left the seashore."

He added that the men destroyed DJ gear worth about $4 000. He heard the chainsaws, turned, and saw the two coming from the bushes and run towards him and his DJ gear.

"Like any rational individual would do, I stayed away from them."

However, they went on to slice at his gear, cutting it down in the middle.

Police Got Involved

According to CityNews, the Toronto Police reacted to the situation. Officials said that the men got injured during their previous fight and returned with weapons.

It is claimed that the two men engaged in the first squabble endured wounds. They then left and got back with weapons.

John Tory, Toronto City Hall leader, commented on the incident.

He said there had been huge numbers of people gathering on Cherry Beach during the pandemic and that students got involved in random fighting.

"Measures will be taken to ensure everyone's safety."

"We need to, on one hand, ensure that individuals remain careful and that these sorts of alarming occurrences don't occur."

"However, we want to make sure that individuals are permitted to carry on with their lives and to have a ball without a harsh, authorization presence."