Blonde Woman Outsmarts System, But Not Herself

Everyone has their own favorite kind of joke that guarantees a chuckle. As soon as you hear the beginning, you can sense the laughter coming.

A common favorite is the blonde joke. Ranging from mildly humorous to side-splittingly hilarious, this particular one is somewhere in between and definitely worth telling.

Plus, we've added another joke for an additional dose of humor. Enjoy the extra laughter to brighten your day!


She reached out to a friend for advice, who asked about her car's mileage. "It reads 235,000 miles," she said.

Her friend suggested the high mileage might be the issue but had a solution in mind. Her mechanic brother could reset the mileage to any number she wanted.

Taking her friend's advice, she asked the mechanic to adjust the mileage to 25,000.

A couple of days later, the friend checked if the mileage tweak helped sell the car.


The woman grinned, saying, "Why would I sell it now? It only has 25,000 miles!"

Here's Another Laugh…

Trying to Woo a Flight Attendant

In an airport lounge, a man sat alone until a stunning woman joined, sitting nearby. Seeing her uniform, he assumed she's a flight attendant.

Wanting to impress her, he decided to guess her airline based on their motto.

He leaned in and asked, "Isn't the British Airways slogan 'To fly, to serve'?"


She looked at him, confused.

Not giving up, he tried again, suggesting, "How about Air France's, 'Winning the hearts of the world'?"

She gave another puzzled glance.

Persisting, he mentioned Malaysian Airlines', "Going beyond expectations"?

Looking annoyed, she shot back, "What the hell do you want from me?"

With a triumphant smile, he declared, "Gotcha!… United Airlines."