Blonde Walks Into Bank For Small $250 Loan, But You Won't Believe Why!

Various kinds of jokes appeal to different people; some may prefer edgy humor while others are fans of classic dad jokes.

Among the more prevalent joke categories is the blonde joke. These jokes often center around a blonde woman doing something perceived as silly or unintelligent. However, occasionally, a joke emerges featuring a blonde doing something unexpectedly smart. Take a look at the following blonde joke and see which angle tickles your funny bone this time.


A voluptuous blonde woman enters a New York bank and heads directly to the counter.

"Hi," says the man at the counter to the woman. "What can I do for you today?"

The blonde thinks for a bit and then says, "I need a loan for $250."

The bank teller replies, "Sure, we just need something as collateral."

The blonde thinks again and then says, "I have a car. I can use that!"


The teller pulls out a form and asks, "Great, what kind of car is it?"

The blonde gives him her keys and says, "It's a bright orange Lamborghini, parked right outside."

Stunned by the whole thing, the teller completes the form as the blonde walks out.

A week later, the blonde comes back. She has the loan money and the added interest from the past week. She goes to the same teller and gives him the cash. He gives back her keys.


As she's about to leave, the teller can't hold back his curiosity anymore. "Excuse me, miss. I have to ask. Why did you use a $400,000 car as collateral for such a small loan?"

The blonde turns and says, "Where else in New York City can I find a parking spot for a week for only $250?"