Black Women Paid For A Deputy's Meal And Left Behind A Touching Note

As the country grips with all the racial tension and hatred for the police, a Tennessee sheriff's deputy felt some love from two black women who paid for his meal.

Jody McDowell was having breakfast at a Cracker Barrel in Nashville and got a heartfelt surprise—two women anonymously paid his bill!

But a note they sent with the payment made it all the more special.

The message the ladies left for Deputy McDowell touched him so much, he shared it on social media.


Thanking the women for their generosity, McDowell wrote on Facebook:

"I want to thank the two sweet black ladies who paid for my breakfast this morning."

"While waiting for transport to be completed, I decided to have breakfast at a Cracker Barrel near the Nashville airport. I received this note from them."

The two had anonymously paid for his breakfast without letting him know about it!


On his post, McDowell also shared a photo of the note the women left:

The note read:

"BLM, but so does yours! Thank you for your service. Breakfast paid."

black women paid for a deputy's meal and left behind a touching note

McDowell is a deputy with the Sumner County Sheriff's Department, which is in Middle Tennessee about 25 miles north of Nashville.

Confirming McDowell's story, Janella Escobar with Cracker Barrel told CNN:

"At Cracker Barrel, we believe in treating everyone who walks through our doors as family. We work hard to foster a welcoming environment for our guests and employees."

"It makes us especially proud to see when guests take it upon themselves to extend our mission of 'Pleasing People' and commit random acts of kindness towards each other, as these two women did."


The two women apparently didn't want any fame and left the restaurant without anyone knowing.

McDowell told CNN affiliate WKRN that the women were eating before a flight back to Baltimore, Maryland.

Though he was unable to get their names or contact information, he hopes they see his post. His post has received over 3,500 likes.

Social media users also flocked to praise the two women:


One user said:

"Faith in humanity restored! I needed this positive story so badly. Your life DOES matter and thank you for keeping us safe."

While another added:

"This is amazing. Thank you for sharing on FB. People need to see more love, unity, and kindness."

What these generous women did will go a long way in healing the wounds of people suffering due to all the unrest.