Black Rain Frogs Look Super Cranky, So Why Are They So Cute?

Mother Nature exhibits incredible diversity, with an endless array of unique, beautiful, and fascinating plants and animals that number in the millions, if not billions. While the black rain frog may not be conventionally attractive, with a perpetually grumpy expression, it still manages to exude an undeniable cuteness.

1. Black Rain Frogs Are Common In South Africa

Belonging to the species Brevicipitidae, these frogs are known for living on land rather than in water. They prefer to inhabit areas with wet soil or fallen leaves, and can even be found in trees. Though they are not aquatic, these frogs still like to stay near a water source to keep their environment moist.

2. If You Didn't Know Better, You'd Almost Think It Was A Toad

The black rain frog's bumpy and rough skin gives them a more toad-like appearance than that of a traditional frog. Females of this species tend to be more brightly colored than males, making them quite distinctive.

3. Black Rain Frogs Are Kinda Nocturnal

During the day, the black rain frog will take refuge in a wet and cool burrow in the sand. When night falls, they emerge to search for food such as small insects, worms, and other types of prey. They also use this time to mate.

4. There Are No Black Rain Frog Tadpoles

One of the great aspects of this species is that they skip the tadpole stage and hatch as tiny, mini grumpsters, making them even more adorable.

5. No, They're Not Really That Fat

Despite their chubby appearance, these frogs possess an interesting defense mechanism; when threatened, they puff up with air to appear larger and more intimidating--similar to some of the guys I've dated (joke!).

6. Bottom Line? They're The Best

With their unique qualities, who can say otherwise?