Black Panther Just Revealed Wakanda's Worst Mistake – And It Endangers The Nation

Black Panther Just Revealed Wakanda's Worst Mistake – And It Endangers The Nation

T'Challa has been having problems with a bad decision he made a few months ago. The mistake has proven to him that the dangers he needs to worry about the most are found within the Wakanda nation.

For a while, Black Panther has been trying to bring home those closest to him from wherever they are in the world.

Unfortunately, the nation of Wakanda is in the habit of creating its own worst enemies, and that has not changed at all.

For instance, when T'Challa went to Arakko, the capital of the solar system, to meet Nezhno Abidemi, also known as Gentle.

Nezhno lashes out at T'Challa, although he was never officially exiled from the nation of Wakanda. While in Wakanda, however, he was often beaten and criticized simply because he was a mutant.

That results in the animosity he feels towards T'challa and Wakanda.

Black Panther Just Revealed Wakanda's Worst Mistake – And It Endangers The Nation

Gentle has a grudge with T'Challa and practically every citizen of Wakanda. Sadly, he is not the only homegrown enemy Wakanda has to worry about.

Gentle's story is similar to Erik Killmonger's, who was also not officially exiled from the mighty nation of Wakanda. Erik turned to a life of violence.

He has many painful memories of Wakanda. For instance, his parents were murdered by the man who escaped with him from Wakanda.

Even though he had little to blame his nation for, he was made to hate the nation by the people who took him from his home.

These issues prove that Wakanda has a problem dealing with certain issues, which keeps putting the nation at risk by creating many powerful enemies. Fortunately, little Gentle and Killmonger can do to harm the powerful nation.

Nonetheless, Wakanda needs a serious upgrade to its traditions and justice systems.

T'Challa's enemies have done plenty of damage already. Obviously, they are as much of a threat to him as they are to the nation of Wakanda.

It seems that many of the most motivated enemies the nation has are Wakandian, which goes to show that the problems the nation faces mostly come from within.

Black Panther needs to learn something from this and try to change up some laws about the country once he survives whatever challenge comes next. Wakanda should definitely try harder to avoid breeding more enemies.