Black On Black Tattoos Created By True Masters Of The Craft

black on black tattoos created by true masters of the craft

Tattoos are something that never goes out of style. But they are far from the body accessory you need, especially if you're not sure if you'll want to "get stuck" with it forever.

Until death separates you.

And, of course, this was supposed to be a joke.

But there is a thing with tattoos, and you either like them or not. Furthermore, they either go with your character, or you avoid them by all means.

It's fascinating how this tattoo trend grows day by day. And the one-line tattoos that were the ultimate hit for the last couple of years are slowly coming to an end.

Oh, the end of an era.

Every ending means a new beginning, so it's time for something new. And very bold.

Get to know the black-on-black tattoos. And who knows, maybe you'll find something that catches your eye for your next tattoo.

#1 Your Very Own Animal Kingdom

#2 Flowers Are A Classic, But Still A Bold Choice

#3 Spiraling Around The Zebra Print

#4 3D Tattoos Are Too Cool

#5 From Playing With Shadows, To A Fantastic 3D Tattoo

#6 No Matter If It's Black Or White, It's Still Gorgeus

#7 The Wineyards Chronicles

#8 Some Basic Geometry On A Not That Basic Tattoo

#9 The Monochrome Night Owl

#10 A Layer Of Flowers, A Layer Of Birds, And A Masterpiece Tattoo Is Ready To Go

#11 A Killer Combo Of Spirals, Circles, And Other Geometric Shapes

#12 The Moon And All Of Her Waves

#13 This Tattoo Looks Like A Recreation Of The Famous Katsushika Hokusai Painting, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

#14 All Black Tattoos Can Look Classy, Elegant, And Sexy As Hell

#15 Girls With Sleeves

#16 Don't Panic If This Piece Of Art Looks All Over The Place - It's Still In Progress

#17 Bold Colors And Sharp Edges Are A Fantastic Match

#18 The Labyrinth Made Of Spirals

#19 A Stork Tattoo To Bring Luck At Your Door

#20 An Awesome Tattoo With Some Details From Traditional Chinese Tapestry

#21 The Blooming Black Flower

#22 Some Stranger Things Vibes All The Way

#23 About Lines And Shadows - That Gradation Is Goals

#24 A Sleeve Tattoo That Looks Like A Real-Life Sleeve

#25 A Tattoo Artist Always Has Some Tricks In The Sleeves

#26 Sleeves Are So Last Season - Let's Aim For The Leggings

#27 A Different Kind Of Rosette

#28 This Tattoo Was A Freehand Sketch - Cool, Right?

#29 Geometry And Symmetry Always Go Hand In Hand

#30 If The Whole Body Is A Canvas, Then Make It An All Black, Everything Kind Of Canvas