Black Officer Fired From Greensboro Police Department For Condemning Treatment Of George Floyd

Black Officer Fired From Greensboro Police Department For Condemning Treatment Of George Floyd

An officer who condemned the treatment of George Floyd in a viral TikTok video is fired.

Officer Williams spoke out about Floyd's death in the TikTok video. In the viral footage, he questioned the actions of the four officers involved in Floyd's fatal arrest.

Williams said that the way the officers handled Floyd 'disgusted' him.

The officer continued to point out that part of law enforcement is to be a first responder. Therefore, if someone is hurt, 'you have to render aid.'


He said:

"So, somebody's saying 'I can't breathe, I can't breathe!' You don't think to yourself, 'Oh my gosh, this guy can't breathe. He might die!'"

Williams added that he became a police officer so he could 'step up' when others didn't.

The video soon went viral, receiving more than 5.4 million views, over 1.6 million likes, and more than 46,000 comments.

But when his bosses watched it, they put him under investigation for his social media use.


Speaking to Tamron Hall Show, Williams said the department called him to come in, four hours after posting the video.

During the meeting, his supervisors talked to him about the department's social media policy.

They then recommended that he remove the TikTok video, a directive he complied with.

However, the department later fired him.

After his job loss, Williams posted another video updating social media users of his termination.


He said:

"After that investigation was done, I found out I was relieved of my duties from that certain job."

Williams added that the police department's decision to sack him left him 'upset' and 'confused.'

After announcing the news online, Williams has received support from followers who slammed the police department.

One person wrote:

"This is what happens to legitimately good cops. They keep saying they exist. Then, they fire them. I am so proud of you (Williams)."


In a press statement, the Greensboro Police Department also confirmed it had fired Williams.

But it said Williams' termination wasn't related to his comments about the George Floyd incident.

The statement read:

"The command staff noted they do not have an issue with any of his statements in the George Floyd video."

"[Senior officers] made similar statements in a press conference condemning the actions of the officers in the George Floyd incident."