Black Clothes Represents A Classy, Powerful, And Success-Driven Person

Black Clothes Represents A Classy, Powerful, And Success-driven Person

Black is a happy color, after all, as Morticia Adams suggested. Despite the misconceptions, people who love wearing a total black look are doing just as well as those in hot pink.

When it comes to fashion, people who enjoy a total black look are either classy or unoriginal. Well, people judge, but there are some psychological attributes of colors, so for all you dark lovers, there are some excellent news and others not so much, but we'll get to that.

Total black as a symbol of teenage angst

There are two reasons lovers of the darkest shade are misunderstood. The first is connected to rebellious teenagers, emo kids, and the culture of wearing black as a sign of being different. The other is rather morbid: in many countries, it's a color for funerals. So, one might think you're depressed, dark, or merely stuck in your teen years—either way, not a pleasant picture.

The reality isn't that simple. There's some truth to wearing dark colors and struggling with prolonged sadness or anxiety. But, it doesn't mean that people who only wear bright pink can't be depressed or anxious.

Black – the color of power

Since it's not a color per se, slightly all colors combined, it's no wonder black is the most powerful and the most potent of them all. People who wear black are genuinely making an effort to impress others for their own gain. Additionally, it's very sexy, and certain fabrics in black are especially popular: lace panties, halters, you know, the usual foreplay items.

A woman dressed in all black from head to toe can look rather attractive. She knows what she's doing, as a boss and as a lover. And men in black look and act like they own the world, which is hot. Black suits with black ties are anything but ordinary and you have to have enough self-esteem to dare to wear the combination. Male, female, doesn't matter. We all look great in black.

Black for emotionally unstable

So far, we learned that black is the color of power and sex, which is quite often connected. It's rebellious, bossy, and overwhelming. People who are always in total black aren't the most stable when it comes to their emotions. You look cold and detached, but at the same time, you're neurotic and on the verge of tears. To be fair, no one is entirely and utterly emotionally collected in these modern times. But when your choice of color sends mixed messages, you get the confusion.

Black is full of contradictions. On the one hand, people who wear it all the time seem to dislike attention. We assume that neon lovers are the most significant attention cravers in the world. But, black is a color of self-confidence, sending the message: "I'm better than you." And that's confusing, but hey, life's too short not to have some fun with your clothes. And when you wear all black, you play with textures.

Black clothes are still just clothes

While it's amusing, we really should not judge a book by its cover. The color black is just one example, but we do it, women in high heels or men in shorts. Some even make harsh comments about kids' clothing on social media, which is weird but also sad. We are trying to figure out everyone, and since that requires time, we tend to make superficial observations. Invest your time in people who matter the most. And start with yourself.

Despite all the pros and cons, the black color remains the most elegant and safest option. So, if you're having one of those: "I don't know what to wear" moments, pick up your black tee or little black dress. It's comfortable, chic, and always fashionable!