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Black Christmas Trees Are Here To Fulfill Your Gothic Christmas Dreams

While traditional Christmas trees are beautiful in their own right, adorned with green needles, snow and shiny decorations, sometimes it's nice to try something new and unique. If you're tired of the usual and want to try something different this holiday season, consider a black Christmas tree. They offer a unique and modern twist on a holiday classic.

1. They're A Pure Gothic Dream

I do not refer to the goth subculture associated with death metal music and dark make-up, but rather the melancholic and somber aesthetic that emerged during the medieval period. Imagine a festive version of the vampire archetype in Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' if you will. (Trust me here.)


2. They're Actually Really Beautiful

If you prefer a contemporary interior design, chances are your home features a lot of monochromatic hues such as black, white, and gray. A traditional green Christmas tree may clash with this style. However, a black Christmas tree would complement and enhance the aesthetic, ensuring that your holiday decorations are on-trend and chic.


3. You Could Use It For Halloween Too

Halloween is not typically associated with trees, however, with the addition of a specific item, it can easily become so. By adding orange tinsel in October, you can effectively make use of it for both Halloween and Christmas decorations.

4. There Are Two Sizes Available

The company Best Choice Products offers a unique option for holiday decorating, black Christmas trees. Available in two sizes, the standard 6-foot version, and the larger 7.5-foot version. The 6-foot tree is priced at $89.99 and the larger 7.5-foot tree is priced at $129.99. Given the uniqueness and versatility of this product, as it can be used for both Halloween and Christmas, it is an excellent value for the price.


5. Everyone Will Be Talking About It

Having a black Christmas tree in your living room will spark a conversation among your friends and family during the Christmas season. It will make the holiday memorable, and you will be perceived as having excellent taste.