"Black Alien" Is Considering Having Leg Amputated After Slicing Off His Ears And Lips

"black Alien" Is Considering Having Leg Amputated After Slicing Off His Ears And Lips

Anthony Loffredo has undergone intense body modifications and tattooing to become a "black alien." As far as he is concerned, this is the only thing that will make him happy.

As we speak, he has had two of his fingers chopped off. His top lip is also gone, and most of his body is covered in black ink.

He started the bizarre mission when he was 27.

To many people, Loffredo has already achieved his mission. However, he is not done, and he has a couple of procedures he wishes to undergo in the future to attain his ideal physical form.


The man recently spoke of the modification he was planning to do next. His nose and lips have been modified, and his ears have been sliced off.

He has also revealed that his friend is keeping the ears.

In the future, it seems, he will focus on modifying his face and the rest of his body. That is why he is considering having one of his legs cut off.

Still, this is not an easy decision since he has a healthy leg, and amputation is "something big."


He revealed that the amputation would only be done on one of his legs and that it would be from the knee.

After he was asked if he would get a prosthetic limb to replace the cut-off section, he delved into futuristic ideas he was going to employ to realize his "black alien" dream.

It was clear that he was pretty excited about the journey ahead:

"I like everything surrounding this. It draws my attention, technology, and the future."


Still, he acknowledged that technology has not always matched the changes he has been trying to make to his body. For instance, his phone can no longer recognize him, so he cannot use Face ID anymore.

On his Instagram account, Loffredo documents his "black alien" project. He keeps updating his followers about the steps he is making as he "evolves" and "transforms" into an alien.

As far as he is concerned, he is now at 6% on the evolution aspect and 44% on the transformation journey.


Of course, Loffredo's transformation has not been without challenges. His family had a hard time accepting the changes he has made to his body, and some members of the public have expressed similar sentiments.

He has previously revealed that he had to deal with extreme reactions to his appearance. Some people have fled after seeing him, while others have shouted at him.

That has not discouraged him, however. He tries his best to make people comfortable.


Nevertheless, he is still trying to find happiness by changing his appearance in whatever way he deems necessary.