Black Adam BTS Image Shows Dwayne Johnson Filming Complex VFX Shots

Black Adam Bts Image Shows Dwayne Johnson Filming Complex Vfx Shots

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has posted an image on Instagram that shows just how complicated it is to create Black Adam. He apparently had to spend several hours in the VFX rig while making the film.

In the post, the actor thanked the crew and explained how long it had taken to complete the important task. He is very passionate about the movie, whose filming began in April last year.

The VFX rig has been dubbed "the egg," It will help get his facial features in a very intricate and complex way to help explain his origin story. Dwayne Johnson has to spend up to 10 tedious hours in "the egg" for the film's sake.

Black Adam is set to be released in April this year, but it seems that they are not done working on it just yet. Still, the crew is only doing the finishing touches.

Without a doubt, a lot of effort has gone into creating the film.

The famous actor turned down the chance to play Captain Marvel and opted to be Black Adam. He was also supposed to appear in Shazam!, but that never came to be.

That plan changed, and they decided that Johnson would have his film dedicated to his Black Adam character.

Black Adam is a decades-old character first created in 1945 for Captain Marvel comics. The character was recently re-introduced as a regular Marvel villain.

Since the character was a one-time villain, there wasn't a background story about him until 2019's Shazam!. Today, we know that Black Adam started off as an Egyptian slave, Teth Adam.

This year, DC has plans to release several films, and fans are quite interested in watching Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam once it is available later this year.

It is fair to expect that the film will have quite an impact on DC Extended Universe (DCEU) in the future. In fact, Dwayne Johnson himself has claimed that Black Adam will cause a change in the "balance of power" in the DC Universe.

So, by the end of this year, DCEU will have changed a lot with the release of Black Adam and The Flash. The latter, just like Black Adam, will change a lot of things about DCEU.

Hopefully, all the effort going into these films will make them worth watching for millions of DC fans worldwide.