Bizarre Eyeball Piercing Is Becoming The Latest Fashion Trend

People are now getting eyeball piercings as part of a jewelry trend, and it looks disturbing.

There are many forms of body piercings, such as noses, lips, eyebrows, nipples, and even genitals piercings.

One new bizarre beauty trend is catching on across the world, leaving people everywhere speechless.

People are now getting eyeball piercings, where a surgeon implants pieces of jewelry right into your eyeballs. Just thinking about it makes my eyes twitch.

bizarre eyeball piercing is becoming the latest fashion trend
bizarre eyeball piercing is becoming the latest fashion trend

So, how is it done? Who's behind this bizarre trend?

Dr. Emil Chynn performed the first eyeball jewelry implantation surgery just a few years ago in New York.

While he had been looking for the perfect candidate for the piercing, a woman named Lucy Luckayanko was interested.

The surgery cost was $3,000. And the surgeon performed it on Park Avenue in an office with floor-to-ceiling glass windows to allow passersby to watch.

At the time, Chynn said he wanted people to see the process, so the trend would catch on after seeing it was safe.

For Lucy's surgery, Chynn used small scissors to cut a slit in the thin membrane covering the white of the eye.

He then slipped a small platinum heart into the slit.

bizarre eyeball piercing is becoming the latest fashion trend
bizarre eyeball piercing is becoming the latest fashion trend

The slit was small enough that it didn't require stitches. The procedure also lasted for less than five minutes, and Lucy's eye healed in three days.

Since then, Chynn operated on another patient named Skyler.

The surgery took five minutes too, and only three days to heal after the conjunctiva seals.

To begin, Chynn gave Skyler regular anesthesia and then sterilized the surface of the eyeball. He then lined a crosshair up to a part of the eyeball.

Making a 3mm wide incision on the spot, he then placed a platinum star inside.

Chynn claims that you can't feel the less-than 1mm thick jewel in your eye once the incision heals.

According to him, the jewelry conforms to the shape of your eye. If you get bored with your eye piercing at some point, it's simple to get rid of it. You'll just need a simple surgery.

Although the surgeon claims the procedure is still safe, the American Academy of Ophthalmology disagrees. They also caution that complications could include blindness or bleeding.

Would you get an eyeball piercing?

For me, I'll pass. I'm one of those who can't even sit still when I need to put in a few eye drops. I tend to panic and create havoc.

The idea of having a foreign object in my eyes, even for a second, makes me squirm.